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Loveland sergeant resigns brutal dementia Patient arrest video

click to enlarge A screenshot from body-worn footage of Karen Garner's brutal arrest and a portrait of now former Loveland police sergeant Philip Metzler.  - LOVELANDS BY

A screenshot from body-worn footage of Karen Garner’s brutal arrest and a portrait of now former Loveland police sergeant Philip Metzler.

By Loveland

Sergeant Philip Metzler in battle with the Loveland Police Department, a defendant in a lawsuit over the brutal arrest of Karen Garner, a 73-year-old with dementia in 2020, has resigned. But that’s not enough for Garner’s family.

The City of Loveland has recently settled the $ 3 million Garner bust case. But while arrest officers Austin Hopp and Daria Jalali have both been criminally charged with their actions in the incident, Metzler was not – despite being caught on video bullying by a witness who watched it all go down. By stopping, Metzler has short-circuited an internal investigation of his actions, much to the frustration of Garner’s loved ones.

Their statement reads: “We hope the other supervisors are still employed at Loveland PD – and there are many – who called the use of force against Karen” appropriate “and” reasonable “, are fired and not allowed to resign and find work for another department. ”

Meanwhile, Sarah Schielke of Loveland’s Law & Liberty Law Office, representing the family, celebrated Metzler’s exit in a tweet posted late Sept. 22 after the town of Lovelands executive order. “Sergeant Philip Metzler – champion of gaslighting and intimidating civilians and disguising police misdemeanors – has just stepped out of Loveland PD. My GOODNESS that took long enough. Chief Ticer, you’re the next one!”

Schielke’s mention of Loveland Police Chief Bob Ticer follows her offer after the settlement was announced on what she described as a “ransom” – a $ 50,000 donation to a dementia charity if he is out of work within thirty days . She reminded people of this proposal in a September 17 tweet asking, “Has Chief Ticer resigned or been fired yet? No. Sad! Well, at least there are still 21 days left to @CityofLoveland to do the inevitable (#fireticer) AND make me send $ 50,000 to a dementia charity of Ticer’s choice.Great double benefit for this community.

Metzler’s actions have also been a focus for Schielke. Early on September 7, a few hours before the settlement was confirmed, she posted the video of Metzler accusing him of trying to hide in “proving no-man’s land” to prevent it from landing in her hands. In the introduction to the clip’s page on YouTube, she wrote in large letters: “REMEMBER – PHILIP METZLER IS STILL EMPLOYED AS A SERENA IN THE LOVELAND POLICE DEPARTMENT.”

Here is the video.
“Staff changes were not on the table during negotiations” about the trial, Shielke said Westword. “I thought it was important that the Metzler thing was released to the public before the final chapter of the trial was announced, as it is in many ways the core of explaining how [$3 million] the number became so high. This is not a junk bad apple. This is a big problem in a large police department. ”

Metzler “should have been charged and fired,” she continued. Think of that video of him and what he does to threaten a citizen who bravely stopped and tried to protect a vulnerable member of our society from police violence – the way Metzler treats him, the tone he takes, the intimidation, to tell him , that he does not know what he saw when Metzler was not even there to see it.This video was seen by many other Loveland regulators when I filed the case back in April.There are audit logs that show when someone has seen a video and it was seen by a sergeant, a lieutenant and an assistant chief, but still they did not fire him, which is crazy.I can not wrap my brain about what kind of person becomes a police officer and sees a citizen who had the courage to say that they saw excessive force and did nothing about it.There is so much to unpack about that attitude and who knows what other things he has done.He is a mentor – he trains subordinates – but in that video, Hopp and Jalali laugh and say, ‘Good, Metzler.’ Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.

Ticer “was engaged in the disciplinary review process” involving Metzler when the sergeant resigned, according to Loveland PD. “A police chief does not have the ability to prevent an officer from withdrawing,” the chief said in the statement. “But this resignation closes another chapter of an incident that has ruined the hard work of men and women in Loveland Police who have and continue to serve with honor.”

Whether that chapter is actually closed is clearly a matter of debate.


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