Lowe’s, Home Depot boot suppliers and consumers say it’s a shame gone

Many facilities have been lost due to the pandemic – including the sausage carts outside the Home Depot metro area and Lowe’s shops. Back in January, suppliers at these locations were told they had thirty days to remove their equipment and they have not been invited back. “We are constantly evaluating the needs of our business, and we found that in some areas we need to reuse the space in order to better serve our customers’ needs for home improvement,” a Home Depot spokesman said. Westword this fall. “The fact is that all food suppliers in our stores have been closed since March 2020, and many voluntarily chose to move their business elsewhere during that period.”

But another fact is that many of these vendors did not want to leave and they would happily reopen at their old locations today. “At my Lowe’s, they replaced my sausage cart with a water cooler,” says one salesman. And customers would be eager to welcome them back, judging by their comments to Westword Facebook follow-up on the missing suppliers. says Tate:

This anti-seller policy is a shame away from the dog!

Dave reports:

I have not gone to Home Depot since the wagons disappeared. The promise of a dog, chips and soda was the only way I could get my kids to humor me and take me to the hardware store.

Adds Judgment:

As an avid Home Depot shopper, this makes me deeply sad. The ability for me to grab a meal while I pick up supplies is a job saver. I do not need more shit grill or fence outside.

Offers Zak:

What a shame. The ability to grab lunch and some supplies for work in one stop was such a time saver.

Aaron remembers:

The guy at Glendale Home Depot used to play his bass along with the songs on the radio. it was great.

Wonders Enrique:

Why is Home Depot trying to close people’s businesses and livelihoods?

Suggests Denise:

They should use all that parking space to bring in food carts – and that, my friends, would attract more customers. This is a disgusting moment for them to shut down the little guy vs a big greedy company.

For the record, there’s a Home Depot in the Denver subway station that still has a vendor: Brat Bar in Arvada. But so far it is the only exception to the rule.

click to enlarge Brat Bar in Arvada still cuts mustard.  KERSTEN JAEGER

Brat Bar in Arvada still cuts mustard.

Kersten Jæger

Do you miss the sellers? Has their absence changed your shopping habits?


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