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Mackenzie Standifer: I do not care about my dignity, I have Ryan Edwards!

The relationship between Ryan Edwards and his wife, Mackenzie, is …

Well, that’s definitely something else, we say.

Ryan and Mackenzie in 2021

It was weird with them since the beginning – they started dancing in 2016 when she was 19 and he was 28. She had just been divorced from her first husband, her high school boyfriend, who was also the father of her first child.

Not too long after they started dating, Ryan suggested, and a few months later, they got married.

But it was not your average ceremony, for throughout their very short courtship, Ryan struggled with a heroin addiction.

So instead of having the more traditional wedding Mackenzie had wished for, they got married in a parking lot with only Ryan’s parents and his dog present.

Ryan Edwards wedding photo

Ryan was also super tall, to the point where he nodded off as he drove himself and his soon-to-be bride to the ceremony.

Pretty much immediately after that disaster, he went to rehab, but he left early, and it quickly became clear that his first attempt did not take place.

Teen Mom fans thought he did not appear to be clean and it turned out to be true – he was arrested twice in 2018 for violating his probation.

What trial period? The probationary period he had been put on after his arrest in 2017 for heroin possession, just two months before his wedding.

Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom AND

Oh, he also sent rude explicit messages to other women on dating apps in all of this, and there’s one woman claiming they actually joined.

All of this is tragic enough, but through it all, we also heard Mackenzie blame – wait for it – Maci Bookout for causing all of Ryan’s problems.

She apologized after apologizing for Ryan’s behavior, and judging by what we saw on the show, she really activated the heck out of him during this time.

At the end of 2018, two important things happened: Mackenzie gave birth to his first child with Ryan, and Ryan went on rehab for the second time.


2019 turned out to be another eventful year for the couple because Ryan started it off again by being arrested again, this time for not paying a flag.

The many violations of probation finally caught up with him, and he served 90 days in prison.

Virtually immediately after his release, he and Mackenzie conceived their second child together.

Fortunately, things have apparently calmed down a bit since – Ryan has not been arrested again, and since he and his family were fired from Teen Mom OG, we will not be able to constantly wonder if he looks tall or not. .

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Edwards

And according to a new interview that Ryan and Mackenzie did together, they’re happier than ever, and they do not even care if you think their relationship is embarrassing!

Ryan spoke to The Sun and said: “My relationship with her is amazing, we’ve been married for almost five years now.”

Mackenzie jumped in and added, “We are a happy place at the moment. No one is saying we have not made mistakes, because we have done so. But I do not want to harp on them or live in grief or shame over the past five years.”

“People can say it’s embarrassing and that I have no dignity and that I’m a terrible person,” she continued, “they can say anything they want to say, that’s fine.”

Mackenzie Standifer still publishes

“But at the end of the day, we’re allowed to grow, and we’re allowed to change, and we’re allowed to evolve as human beings. I do not know what else to ask of anyone who tries. to be better. “

She also said “We’ve been through the best days of our lives on the show, but we’ve also been through some of the worst. It’s part of my story, it’s part of Ryan’s story, and I’m just proud of it. That. I am proud of us and how far we have come with our family. “

Mack reiterated this general attitude a few times – she did not love to be on the show, but she is “grateful for the experience and the opportunities”, that kind.

When she changed a bit, she then said that when people say she did not hold Ryan accountable during his days of active addiction, it is just a “misunderstanding”.

Ryan Edwards has lots of anger

“Just because you do not see me decaying my husband on television does not mean that I do not hold him accountable for his actions, or that he does not hold me accountable for my actions,” she explained.

“But I’m not going to sit there and yell at anyone on TV since I did not really know what to do in the first place.”

“If we have a problem, we take care of it at home,” she concluded. “All you can ask for is to do better and be a better person and try harder.”

It’s hard, because on the surface, everything she says makes sense – of course, people are allowed to change, and it’s wonderful if Ryan tries to be better than he was a few years ago.

Mackenzie With Kids, Ryan With Dog

But she also ignores that Ryan has always been a terrible person.

Even back on Maci’s episode of 16 and Pregnant, he was rude and selfish and evil, and not much has changed since then.

Addiction is a terrible disease, but with Ryan, many of these things just seem more like character flaws, you know?

It’s also interesting that she admits that part of the reason we did not see her call Ryan out in the bad times was that she “did not really know what to do in the first place.”

Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards together

Yes, because Ryan was almost 30 years old and jumped into a relationship with a teenage single mother who had just gone through a divorce – of course she did not know what to do.

We hope these two are truly happy together now and that Ryan is truly as healthy as they want us to believe.

But he is still the worst.

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