Major FTWD Exit ends part of The Walking Dead’s CRM story

A major character has left Fear The Walking Dead season 7, thus ending part of The Walking Dead series’ ongoing CRM story.

Warning: SPOILERS to Fear The Walking Dead season 7, episode 6, “Reclamation”.

Maggie Grace has passed away Fear The Walking Dead and therefore ended a significant part of The Walking Dead‘s CRM history, which is currently underway across the franchise. Fans were made aware that Maggie Grace’s Al potentially left the spinoff series last month when it was revealed that the actress’ name was no longer on the main credits, not to mention that she was missed for most of season 6’s last sections as well as throughout. the beginning of season 7.

Al has been an outlier from the group despite being one of the first and most prominent people to join the new cast in season 4. While she had a significant story in the beginning, it quickly fell out again, and several characters joined the fold. And then she got the connective tissue for CRM when Isabelle was introduced. Now with the narrative around CRM expanded in The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Fear The Walking Dead‘s personal version of that story has come to an end.


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Maggie Graces Al has been written off Fear The Walking Dead in season 7, episode 6, “Reclamation”, where she says goodbye to Morgan and Grace and sets off to find Isabelle, who has been held up somewhere in the woods where CRM’s recycling team would not find her. Of course, by committing to a life on the run with Isabelle, Al’s connection to Fear The Walking Dead‘s main group and overall history has been cut off. For everything in the world, she’s gone. Fear The Walking Dead co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss had previously confirmed that this was Grace’s last episode “this season” during the show’s Episode Insider.

Fear The Walking Dead seasons 4 and 5 were very similar to the main show, where each character was given ample screen time through most episodes, but seasons 6 and 7 have used the vignette approach, giving the characters their own episodes to thrive in. Part of it must have been supported by the ongoing pandemic, but there is also an attempt to tell smaller stories that build into a larger one later; for this particular season, the larger story is a conflict between Strand’s shrine and Morgan’s submarine group. Then there are people looking for the mysterious place, Padre, where Alicia can be. That’s all to say, there’s little room for CRM’s inclusion anymore – and unfortunately Al.

Al and Isabelle’s story of being on the run from CRM is unfortunately not based on anything specific. It provides an interesting connection to the most important Walking Dead history, and potentially the Rick Grimes films that are still under development, but so far Fear The Walking Dead going, it is unlikely that viewers will see the two characters again for a while. Still, the producers have chosen to keep Al’s story open, thereby giving Maggie Grace the opportunity to return at some point in the future if she and the producers want to bring Al back. It’s just, without her, CRM probably would not be with Fear The Walking Dead further.

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Fear The Walking Dead broadcast Sundays on AMC.


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