Majora’s Mask Squid Game Art links to a participant

A talented artist imagined a new kind of terrible fate for Link from Majora’s Mask by making him a competitor in the popular Netflix show Squid Game.

A talented fan put a new spin on Link’s terrible fate The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask in a crossover piece that combines the N64 title with the popular Netflix show Play squid. Since its first release at the turn of the millennium, the game has been re-released several times on Nintendo’s ever-changing console program, and that trend may continue if rumors of Majoras mask coming to Switch is true.

Even though it was the series’ follow-up to the classic Tidens Ocarina, there is a lot that differs Majoras mask from its predecessor, as well as the rest of the franchise as a whole. The game got a subtle but markedly darker tone, which the series has rarely returned to the page. Additionally, the game saw some significant adjustments to the series’ gameplay formula at the time, but these changes did not last in other installments. Despite all these adjustments, Majoras mask held high by a significant portion of Zelda fans, some of whom express their love for the title in a variety of artistic ways.


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A recent example comes from Twitter user Jasqreate, who posted a picture of Link in a different kind of terrible fate than experiencing the five stages of grief in Majoras mask. Instead, Link is now a part of the world found in the show Squid games, even if the happy mask-seller is there with him. There are a few cleverly hidden details throughout the piece, such as three Play squid triangles are formed to make The legend of Zelda Triforce – as well as Links # 64 competition number.

Artwork inspired by Zelda franchise includes a wide variety of different media and Majoras mask in particular has spawned some completely unique creations. Many of these seem to come from the aspects of the title that are not found in the rest of the series. One fan recently went so far as to make a fully edible cake from a floating Skull Kid wearing the titular face cover.

The number of Zelda fan artworks are growing exponentially every year thanks to the franchise’s popularity. Fans are already looking forward to the release of Breath of the Wild 2, which is currently scheduled for an unspecified date in 2022, and its release is likely to launch a new wave of fresh works from the community. But even though a sequel to Game of the Year 2017 was not fast approaching, Majoras mask and the many other past Zelda installments are likely to continue to generate impressive works like the one presented by Jasqreate. The series has produced integrated titles for many players, so much so that it will probably take a long time before it disappears into some sort of obscurity.

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Source: Jasqreate

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