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Marvel Actor reveals why Doctor Strange’s, what if the episode is so important to the show

The next show on Marvel Studios’ streaming dock is What If …?, which arrives at Disney + on August 11th. The show is set to explore alternative timelines where critical moments in MCU’s past play out quite differently. One even ends up starting a zombie apocalypse.

It certainly seems like a fun playground for Marvel who can do whatever their heart desires when it comes to finding stories for the episode. Thanks to Loki, alternative timelines are now possible, which in turn means that all of these stories have the ability to cross over with the main line MCU in the future. It seems that the trend may already be starting when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness arriving at the theaters next March.

One of the characters from the show who at some point has to show up in live action is Jeffrey Wright’s Uatu The Watcher. Uatu is a cosmic plane whose purpose is to see and observe major events and happenings in the universe. He is too important not to cross over at some point.

With the show’s arrival just around the corner, Jeffrey Wright was able to sit down and talk about the character’s debut and some of his thoughts on the various episodes.



In an interview with Weekly entertainment, Jeffrey Wright was on deck to talk about his character The Watcher from Marvel’s upcoming show What if..?. In the interview, Wright mentioned how he was “really taken by the Doctor Strange episode,” and that both he and The Watcher “kind of sees things from a similar perspective.”

“I was really taken by the Doctor Strange episode, which you will see when you get there. For some reason, it just really drew my emotions. [Laughs] And it’s also going to be a story of interest to The Watcher, so that way we see that kind of thing from a similar perspective. So yes, check with Doctor Strange when it arrives. When you land on one, you land in a place where I sat even further up in my seat. “

Wright reiterated his feelings in a separate interview with AND online, and noted that the Doctor Strange episode “hit … very central to [him], ” but that he, too, was thrilled to see Chadwick’s T’Challa episode.

“Well, I have not seen everything right yet. I am thrilled for them to see the episode with Chadwick. And personally, I was blown away by the Doctor Strange episode that just hit me like a place that was very central to me. Like Well, The Watcher is also very interested in that story. He and I have a common perspective on certain things. It has all that magic, and it has all the colors and suspense, but there’s a moral thread to it and lessons to be learned. learned within which I found really compelling and relevant. “

Does the character see that The Watcher is particularly interested in Doctor Strange, will the character eventually break his oath to never interfere? Wright defended The Watcher and said “He’s doing his best,” but it “there are forces pulling us back,” but that in the end, “we will see.”

“Are you going to make The Watcher a liar right out of the gate? [Laughs] He does his best! I understand that a little. He looks at people, and he looks at these non-human characters, he looks at everything they do, and he makes a decision: ‘I’d rather just sit back and stay out of all that mess.’ I understand that, but at the same time, there are forces pulling us back. So we’ll see. We will see.”


The episode, of which Jeffrey Wright is a big fan, is probably the same one that sees Doctor Strange walk a dark path after the tragedy strikes. That Stephen Strange eventually seems to be leaving Doctor Strange Supreme – he seems to have taken notes from Kaecillius.

As for Wright’s character, it’s pretty obvious that Uatu will at some point end up interfering; something that is not new to the character. The Watcher has been involved countless times in the comics, including having helped groups like the Fantastic Four.

What his role will play in the larger MCU remains to be seen. Maybe he’s the one warning our MCU heroes about their next impending threat. If not Kang the Conqueror, maybe something along the lines of Galactus’ arrival. Although this job is generally reserved for The Silver Surfer.

Either way, do not expect What if…? to be the character’s only appearance. It’s not a question of whether he will show up somewhere else, but rather when. It certainly won’t be for a casual conversation, so when Uatu comes in, it only means bad times ahead.

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