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Marvel celebrates MCU Phase 1 movies with new Infinity Saga Covers

Just this year alone in MCU, Wanda and Vision got married, Sam Wilson became Captain America, and Loki broke the Multiverse and set Kang the Conqueror free. If anyone had read that phrase back in 2008, they would never have believed it.

But here’s Marvel Studios. On top of the two films and another half show that goes on the air this year, the next few years will double the size of the MCU in under half the time it even took for

Iron Man


Avengers: Age of Ultron

. This means that the entire Infinity Saga could have been made in 3-4 years if these stories had started in today’s landscape.


It all had to start somewhere where Tony Stark turned his life around, Thor visited Midgard and Captain America became the first avenger. All of this seemed bigger than life at the time, but now looking at where the franchise is and what Infinity Saga became, the first phase of film seems so insignificant in the big scheme.

But as they say, it’s important not to forget the past, a mood Marvel agrees with as the company releases a brand new variant that pays homage to the first films at MCU.



has unveiled six brand new variant covers for upcoming comics that pay homage to Phase 1 of Infinity Saga.



The first cover, based on

Iron Man

, is for

Iron Man # 14

and is designed by Marco Checcetto. The comic is sold on 11/17.

Marvel, MCU, Hulk


The next is a cover by Joe Bennett depicting the events in

The amazing Hulk

, which exists

Hulk # 1

. The cartoon is sold on 11/3.

Marvel, MCU, Iron Man, War Machine


This variant cover was designed by Taurin Clarke for Captain America / Iron Man # 1 and shows the events of the climactic action in the 2010s

Iron Man 2

. Fans can buy this on 11/24.


Marvel, MCU, Thor


Thor’s first appearance in MCU is designed by Ema Lupacchino as a variant cover for

Thor # 19

. The question will be on the shelves on 11/17.

Marvel, MCU, Captain America


The First Avenger’s WWII epic gets the spotlight in another variant cover

Iron Man / Captain America # 1

, designed by Adam Kubert. The comic can be purchased from 11/24.

Marvel, MCU, Avengers


Finally, fans can download the variant cover

Avengers # 50

d. 11/17, whose cover is drawn by Arthur Adams, and depicts The Avengers joining forces on Lok’s invasion of NYC.



See the first one


movies were an experience once in a lifetime — or so many people thought; until countless films, years later, successfully replicated the immense joy and thrilling excitement that the 2012 team film first brought to life.

The same things have been said about

Avengers: Endgame

, that the experience cannot be replicated; but if there is one thing Marvel has proven, it is that anything can happen in MCU.

It is important to remember the past, but it is also to take time in the present and look ahead. In just a few weeks, audiences around the world will be introduced to a brand new hero who will likely one day join the ranks of the Avengers in the form of Shang-Chi. After the,


is set on bringing a whole new understanding to the MCU as a whole.


When you look past this year, things like Young Avengers and Dark Avengers are set up behind the scenes, like a whole new corner of MCU with characters like Moon Knight and Blade. The list goes on and on, but to put it simply, it’s never been a better time to be a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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