Marvel reveals more details about upcoming onboard RPGs

Marvel has revealed some further details about its upcoming Marvel Multiverse RPG, including a first tease of game mechanics and a first look at two alternative covers for the Playtest booklet. As part of its monthly invitations released yesterday, Marvel provided some further details about its new tabletop RPG Marvel Multiverse RPG. The new TTRPG will be launched with a public play test in February next year, using a new game engine designed by veteran game designer Matt Forbeck.

The calls revealed that the playtest book would include two alternative covers by Peach Momoko and Logan Lubera. The calls also revealed that the gameplay would use a new 3d6 mechanic for play, called the “d616” system. In particular, players will be rewarded for rolling a 6-1-6 with their three dice. This is the first official confirmation of that Marvel Multiverse RPG will use a 3d6 game engine.

As previously revealed, the playtest booklet (which will be 104 pages and sold for $ 9.99) will include prefabricated versions of various Marvel heroes along with rules for creating their own character. Character stats include Might, Agility, Resilience, Vigilance, Ego and Logic (the first letters of the core stats spell MARVEL) in a smart nod to the game’s universe.

You can see the full invitations and the alternative covers below. The play test will be released in February 2022 with a final version scheduled for release the following year.

(Photo: Marvel / Peach Momoko)
(Photo: Marvel / Logan Lubera)
  • Play as an existing Marvel Super Hero, or create your own hero (or villain!) And build your own Marvel Multiverse saga with your friends.
  • Characters will be built using stats like Might, Agility, Resilience, Vigilance, Ego and Logic.
  • Players: 2-6 (or more!)
  • Three standard six-sided dice (3d6) required to play.
  • The gameplay will be controlled by the brand new, completely different D616 system developed exclusively by Marvel! Tip: Rolling 6-1-6 will give AMAZING results!
  • Playtest Rulebook will be released in March 2022 and contains an exciting adventure as well as everything you need to know to build a character.
  • Once you have started your campaign, there will be instructions to drop Marvel a line – Your feedback can be included in the core rulebook and subsequent releases!


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