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Marvel sentenced eco-terrorist X-Men to death, but can they be redeemed?

X-Men Unlimited # 12 reveals that the members of the deadliest new team of mutants have managed to survive and escape Krakoa’s worst punishment.

WARNING: The following include spoilers for X-Men: Unlimited # 12, now available on Marvel Unlimited.

In the X-Men world, good vs. evil does not always have a clear distinction. Depending on a character’s motivation, a mutant can easily switch sides if their passions outweigh their logic. Nature Girl, for example, shares a connection with Earth and as a result feels its pain as humanity pollutes it. Eventually, this pain pushes her over the deep end, and she forms a team with a young mutant named Curse, who calls herself X-Men Green, to wage war against the people who poison the world through their acts of pollution. This gave her the judgment of the silent council and opened her to consequences that could change the world forever.

As part of her mission, Nature Girl has become accustomed to taking life in the name of her cause. IN X-Men: Unlimited # 12 (by Gerry Duggan, Emilio Laiso, Rachelle Rosenberg and VC’s Joe Sabino), she finally faces the consequences of her crimes in the form of a hole of silence deep beneath the surface of the mutant island of Krakoa. This sentencing was first used on Sabertooth in House X # 6 (by Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz). The prison makes mutants in stasis, stuck in a vacuum of darkness.

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When Nature Girl and Curse get this verdict, it seems to fit the crimes the two committed. But when they did so in the name of saving the planet, Krakoa naturally questioned the Council’s decision. But for Professor X and the others, their desire to maintain human and mutant relationships takes precedence and overwhelms the island. While the duo appear to have been sent out into the dark, Cypher later intervenes on behalf of Krakoa and rescues them from their prison.

In a tunnel under Krakoa, Cypher tells the young mutants that the sentient island and several other mutants agree with Nature Girls’ actions. While being released from prison, the abusive mutants are effectively banished from the island community, unable to ever return. Krakoa gives Nature Girl a mysterious staff to help her in her case, and the problem ends with a promise that X-Men Green will return.

While her case is noble, the Nature Girls’ decision to take a life shows that her anger is likely to get in the way of justice if she does not learn better self-control. While there is always a chance for her and Curse to redeem themselves, it seems more likely that Nature Girl wants to continue her war with humanity. To make matters worse, she has also gained fidelity from Sauron, a typical villain hybrid between humans and dinosaurs who want to conquer the world.

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Although these two young mutants could reasonably find a way to redeem themselves, things are likely to get much worse before they get better. For Nature Girl, she can feel the Earth die and knows that nature is on her side. But the laws that govern the world around her will continue to oppose her efforts, meaning aggression is likely to be her best response when she encounters resistance. As a result, her path is likely to create more enemies than friends, and with her powers evolving, it’s hard to say which side will be left standing when the dust settles.

For now, it is unclear when X-Men Green will return. But it is safe to say that the next time they show up, they will be ready for a fight and Cypher and Krakoa will have a lot to answer for. X-Men’s bloodiest team will have even bigger fish to roast once Nature Girl has found a new foothold, and will be willing to take the fight to anyone who tries to stand in their way.

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