Marvel’s Engaged Avengers are Heading to Hell

Marvel Comics reveals Iron Man / Hellcat Annual # 1, by Christopher Cantwell and Ruairí Coleman, will send the two engaged Avengers to Hell.

The upcoming Iron Man / Hellcat Annual # 1 promises to send the titular couple to Hell.

A press release from Marvel Comics revealed details about the upcoming annual, which will be written by Christopher Cantwell and illustrated by Ruairí Coleman. The book will follow-up on Tony Stark / Iron Man proposing to Patsy Walker / Hellcat in May’s Iron Man # 20. According to the press release, Hellcat will return to San Francisco and a Victorian-style house left to her by her deceased mother, Dorothy Walker. However, she and Iron Man will end up drawn into a supernatural crisis that involves them having “to beat back the flames of Hell itself.” The book will also see the return of Walker’s longtime frenemy Hedy Wolfe and various others.

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Speaking about the book, Cantwell addressed Walker’s odd and complicated origins as a teen romance character that ended up becoming a superhero. “In this tale, we focus on Hellcat’s peculiar relationship with Hell itself… after all, she spent some time there, and she once suffered a tumultuous marriage to Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan. Patsy began as one of America’s first sweethearts, then became a hero, but she felt a darkness pull at her for years. It’s deep and twisted and personal and ugly… and maybe… a little alluring? Her relationship with Iron Man has been a welcome counterweight to that — a light that’s dissipated some of the shadows in her. But this story explores Patsy’s connection to a scarier realm. Yes, she can be charming and bubbly and sweet, but is there a power in those fires of Hell that might illuminate a deeper truth? ”

Hellcat has been a main fixture of the ongoing Iron Man series since that title launched in 2020. Along with such other teammates as James Rhodes / War Machine and Misty Knight, Hellcat has been a member of Iron Man’s team to take down the villainous Korvac. In the announcement for Iron Man’s proposal, Cantwell remarked Hellcat served as a grounded person for Iron Man, though they have both had similarly dark experiences.

Created by Stuart Little and Ruth Atkinson, Patricia “Patsy” Walker first appeared in 1944’s Miss America Magazine # 2. She was later revitalized and became a superhero character. In 1976’s The Avengers # 144, Steve Englehart and George Pérez turned Patsy into Hellcat. Over the years, she served as a member of the Defenders and developed a close relationship with Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk. A version of Patsy appeared in Netflix’s Marvel TV series, where she was played by Rachael Taylor.

You can see the covers for Iron Man / Hellcat Annual # 1 below, which are by Logan Lubera, Peace Momoko and Chrissie Zullo, respectively.

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Releasing June 1, Iron Man / Hellcat Annual # 1 is written by Christopher Cantwell and illustrated by Ruairí Coleman. In addition to those revealed above, Iron Man / Hellcat Annual # 1 features covers from Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.

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Source: Marvel Comics

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