Marvel’s Eternals may be the Justice League movie you’ve been waiting for

The new Eternals movie has a very grainy and dark tone, unlike most other MCU movies. Because of this, it’s hard not to be reminded of Justice League.

The latest trailer for the upcoming Eternities movie finally provides a certain context to why eternities have resurrected after centuries of living in solitude. However, as the trailer continues, it becomes even harder to discount the film’s similarities with Justice League film and the overall tone that Zack Snyder set with these characters. Although Eternals is largely a Marvel property, it may suggest how the studio is trying to exploit the essence of what made these films so unique.

Tonally, the film feels like an indie film thanks to the expert directing work of Chloe Zhao. The film’s lighting feels natural, and the story evokes a humanity that would otherwise be unexpected in a story of aliens who cannot die. As a result of its lighting and gloomy tone, the film resembles that which was established in Justice League film, with a story that has a darker filter and keeps jokes to a minimum, with more focus on a layered narrative.

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Compared to the Avengers, the Justice League evokes a more god-like tone with heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman, representing an ideal to strive for rather than being a typical human given amazing abilities. As a result, DC heroes are much more infallible compared to Earth’s most powerful heroes. Eternals create a similar sense of godliness as the Justice League does. This is seen even from the early shots of the trailer with Ikaris floating in the air and looking down at a human at an angle similar to Cavill’s Superman. Clearly, these characters may have human problems, as their relationship shows, but they are seen on their power above all else.

The tone of the story also bears great similarities Justice League. In the movie, the eternal is forced to reunite to prepare for an event called the emergence, who predicts that Kro and Deviants will come, Eternals sworn enemies. However, the heroes have not spoken to each other for centuries, making their reunion rocket. Justice League follows a similar tone in that Bruce Wayne must unite an unlikely group of heroes to fight Steppenwolf and his Parademons to prevent Darkseid’s return. Both teams are running clockwise against threats that no normal human being can combat. As a result, Eternities owns its more serious tone as it conveys the idea that there is no time for games.

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The similarities between both projects also transfer the characters and their abilities. For example, Ikaris is strong, flying and shooting lasers from the eyes. In almost every way, his powers are no different from Supermans. He also leads the team, just as Clark helps lead the league. The eternal abilities are also called upon through cosmic energy, which takes the form of golden strings resembling Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth. Gold also adds a divine essence around the heroes, showing that they carry a divine power that others do not have. This is similar to the diversity and uniqueness of each Justice League member.

It’s also important to note that the similarities even go back to their comic roots, since Eternals creator Jack Kirby also developed the new gods for DC. The new gods have their own enemies with Darkseid and his minions. When comparing, Justice League and Eternities came full circle to celebrate Kirby’s creativity. That way, the film could be Marvel’s attempt to take the best parts of DC’s formula to make their own Justice League-style film in tone and iconography.

See the deviations in action when Eternities will be released in theaters on November 5th.

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