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Marvel’s most powerful MCU God Ego may not be dead

Ego was introduced to MCU in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as a powerful cosmic celestial, making his death all the more difficult to believe.

The celestial beings are some of the most powerful beings ever seen in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 introduced Marvel fans to the heavenly name Ego. The ego was born as a fluid, cosmic consciousness and had an unimaginable power that only grew as he got older. Unfortunately for the cosmic being, he met his end when his half-human son Peter Quill did not agree with his father’s plan to recreate the universe in the image of the Ego.

The heavens will be returning soon in the upcoming MCU movie Eternities. With their powers shown again, it begs the question: did Star-Lord actually kill Ego? When Ego was as powerful as he was, he might have a way of saving himself if his core was destroyed as it was in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Ego could have taken a backup of his core and placed it on one of the planets he sowed.

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Sky lovers can die, as evidenced by the floating skull of a Sky that was transformed into the Knowhere mining colony, which was introduced in the first Guardians movie. However, the ego’s death by a bomb does not underestimate great cosmic force Heavenly has. Since Ego was as lonely with his quest as he was, he may not have bothered to come up with a plan in case of his destruction and would have needed one last effort to survive.

Peter speaks to Ego

During his travels, Ego placed parts of himself on the planets he visited so that he could activate them when the time for expansion came. The ego may be able to transfer its mind to one of these seeds through the many planets to create a new core. If possible, Ego could essentially recreate itself and get a new planetoid body.

Alternatively, Celestials can even bring Ego back. But judging by how Ego needed one of his offspring to complete his grand plan, it is likely that the other celestial humans did not agree with his plan to “re-record the universe in its image”. Ego would not have been through all the trouble of getting offspring and searching for someone who could give his powers if he could have just asked one of the other cosmic beings to help him.

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There is another possibility that even Ego may not have considered: his offspring. No one knows how many children Ego had, which means Peter could just have been the next in line with even more offspring after him. If any of them share the gift like Peter, Ego might have transferred his consciousness to one of his children. With Thanos’ snap and Celestials began to move, Ego could lie low in the MCU and wait for the opportunity to start the expansion again.

If Ego is nearby and he decides to confront Celestials frontally, it would be a battle for ideals. If there are more, Ego could lead an army of celestial children toward his other cosmic beings. Group created the eternal to protect the Earth from deviants, which means they have to worry about life enough to disagree with Ego’s plan. Should he return to try again, Ego and Celestials could clash in a cosmic battle epic enough to do Avengers: Endgame similar to children’s play.

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