Marvel’s New Sorcerer Supreme is Deadlier Than Doctor Strange Ever Was

Strange # 1 introduces Marvel’s new Sorcerer Supreme, and she is already proving to be far more deadly than her predecessor, Doctor Strange.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Strange # 1, available now from Marvel Comics.

The death of Doctor Strange necessitated the introduction of a new Sorcerer Supreme to the Marvel Universe, and the doctor’s former wife, Clea, has admirably stepped up to fill the role. As a respected sorceress in the Dark Dimension, the new Sorcerer Supreme is already one of the most powerful magicians in the Marvel Universe, but she still might not be the best person to replace her heroic predecessor. While she is certainly up to the task when it comes to pure power, Clea’s tactics have already proven to far more deadly than those used by Doctor Strange, and this may serve as a divide between her and the rest of the heroes of Earth.

Now that the world has been saved from the threat of the Peregrine Child and its Three Mothers, Clea has been left with plenty of time to settle into her new role as Sorcerer Supreme. While getting a feel for the city in Strange # 1 (by Jed MacKay, Marcelo Ferreira, Don Ho, Roberto Poggi, Java Tartaglia, Felipe Sobreiro, and VC’s Cory Petit), she encounters a mystic threat in the form of the Blasphemy Cartel. These masked assailants show up armed to the teeth with both conventional and magical weapons, although they are still no match for Clea. In moments, the new Sorcerer Supreme has defeated the villains with extreme prejudice, leaving only one of them alive to tell the tale.

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Upon returning to the Sanctum Sanctorum, Clea is admonished by Wong for killing the villains, and is reminded that her predecessor would never have acted in such a manner. However, the new mystical protector of Earth is undaunted and uninterested in adhering to the ways that things were done in the past. This attitude places her firmly in opposition to the majority of Earth’s heroes, and she insists on continuing down this path there is little doubt that she will eventually find herself opposed by the very people she means to protect.

While it is true that the fate she subjected the Blasphemy Cartel members to was less painful than what would have awaited them in the Dark Dimension, that still is not an excuse for her excessive use of violence against them. This places her more in line with the way the villains and anti-heroes of the Marvel Universe operate, and could place her in a questionable and precarious position if it ever becomes necessary for her to team up with others in the interest of protecting the world .

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There is also the fact that, in killing nearly all of the villains, Clea has lost an opportunity to learn more about who the Blasphemy Cartel are and what they are after. Her approach may have readily eliminated her opposition, but her inexperience or perhaps disregard has kept her from learning if the threat is truly resolved.

What Clea’s rash actions here may have done is create more problems than it solved. She is sure to have made new enemies as a result of her deadly assault, and she may also have alienated heroes who could have served as her allies if the need arose.

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