Marvel’s New Sorcerer Supreme is Too R-Rated For The MCU

The first issue of Clea’s reign as Marvel’s new Sorcerer Supreme is here, and she’s already shown why an MCU adaptation of her would be difficult.

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Strange # 1

Clea has officially made her debut as Marvel‘s newest Sorcerer Supremeand she’s already showing why she’s a bit too R-rated to be adapted to the MCU. Things have not been the same since the death of Doctor Strange. Without a Sorcerer Supreme, the Earth is left defenseless from magical threats in the universe, and that’s exactly what happened as soon as he died. When the Earth came under attack by mystical forces, a temporary fix was made to resurrect a younger Stephen Strange to tackle them. But once the day was saved, Stephen knew he needed to return to the afterlife. Before leaving he bestowed the duties of Sorcerer Supreme to Clea, his estranged wife, and a new Sorcerer Supreme was born. Now, even though she shows some indication that she knows what she’s doing, Clea definitely has a bit of a darker edge over Doctor Strange.


The amazing thing is that this actually is not Clea’s first time as a Sorcerer Supreme. She’s the master of magic for the Dark Dimension, the mystical realm some MCU fans may recognize from the first Doctor Strange film as the home of Dormammu. In this first issue of Strange by Jed MacKay and Marcelo Ferreira, she shows just how capable she is of being Sorcerer Supreme by managing magic in a controlled way. It’s how she uses it, however, that would likely raise some eyebrows.

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Early in the comic, it seems like she’ll be able to handle the responsibility of the Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme well. She wards off Doctor Doom and even tries some diplomacy before ultimately scaring him off. When Clea and Wong travel to the Shrouded Bazaar though, things take a dark turn. While shopping, the two are ambushed by a group called the Blasphemy Cartel as they assault the magical shopping area. This is when her true colors show. She unleashes a sheer amount of power that absolutely murders these troops in horrific ways, including impaling them with spikes and even melting one of their faces off in agonizing detail. She may bear the same title as Doctor Strange and even have a connection with him as his former wife, but her style in fighting sets her apart as a more gruesome magic user.

What’s worse is the lack of remorse Clea displays after the battle. To her, killing those members of the cartel was the right thing to do because they were killers. Wong, however, points out just how wrong she is. “But this is EarthClea“he shouts to her.”You may not be Stephen, but you are the Sorcerer Supreme of this planet, and you must act like it. “Wong is genuinely concerned that she is willing to kill because it sets a dangerous precedent for how far she’ll go in the future. She’s a person who proudly proclaims that she is”War-Lord Born“so she’s unlikely to hold back her punches. In turn, her fighting style in future issues will likely get more gruesome and violent as the series progresses.

Clea’s violent tendencies and lack of a moral code are likely what’s going to lead to her not being Sorcerer Supreme for very long … and it looks like she does not even want the position anymore. At the end of the first issue, she mentions to Wong that she wants to use a spell to bring Doctor Strange back from the dead. Maybe it’ll be best to let her do this because the thought of what she could do to the Marvel Universe is just staggering. Until then though, Clea ice Marvel‘s newest Sorcerer Supremeand unless she gets a television adaptation, there’s no way she’d ever get a movie in the MCU due to her being incredibly R-rated.

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