Marvel’s Yelena Gets Old Man Logan Treated as Wasteland’s Black Widow (Review)

Wastelanders: Black Widow # 1 is an intriguing tale of an elderly but indomitable Yelena Belova who continues the legacy of Black Widow through the Wastelands.

Yelena Belova’s dangerous profession makes her a target wherever she goes. Yelena is trained by the infamous Red Room and the other person to take on the Black Widow cloak. Yelena has died, been shot at and experimented with throughout her legacy from the Marvel Universe. Although her cunning and adaptability have saved her in the past, Wastelands is a different story. Wastelands brings vicious gangs and insane supervillains, making the dry terrain difficult to navigate. Wastelanders: Black Widow # 1 arrives when fans’ interest in the character is at its peak thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Black widow and Hawkeye series from Disney +. Without any allies, Yelena finds her way through this dystopian world.

Wastelanders: Black Widow # 1, written by Steven S. DeKnight featuring artwork from Well-Bee and Mattia Iacono, opens with Yelena Belova trying to save her lover from the lizard king’s claws. Yelena has been alone since the day Baron Zemo disguised as Citizen V killed his mentor and friend Natasha Romanov in a fatal intervention by the supervillains. To survive, she had to be ruthless, crushing everything in her path (including innocent civilians) to reach her goal. Years later, an old Yelena found love and companionship in the most unexpected places. Now the only question left is whether she will save her loved ones in time.

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Wastelanders: Black Widow # 1 flows with a non-linear narrative that highlights key moments from Yelena Belova’s life in the gruesome Wastelands. The story creates an immersive narrative about a determined woman who does not let her age slow down her mission to save the world. The acclaimed screenwriter Steven S. DeKnight, who started with Wastelanders miniseries, is back to the last one-shot. In contrast to Wastelanders: Wolverine # 1, he injects a very eerie undertone into Yelena’s story. The story progresses from Yelena’s perspective with long interjections in the form of first-person narrative boxes. Although the cuts remove the reader’s attention at crucial times, they add depth to the narrative.

Artist Well-Bee’s illustrations capture the gruesome, gruesome world of Wasteland’s exceptionally well. Well-Bee’s budding contour lines associated with copious amounts of bold ink colors, precisely thoughtful and awful expressions. Well-Bee’s artwork is thoroughly detailed and gives characters like Lizard a gruesome transformation. Colorist Mattia Iacono uses two different styles to represent the past and the present. He places a sepia filter over panels of flashback scenes to indicate a memory while using dark colors in current scenes. The dimly lit corridors and flat shadows used in the issue evoke a sense of primary fear in readers.

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Despite a hasty narrative, Wastelanders: Black Widow # 1 is exciting reading. DeKnight combines elements of horror and mystery in this spy tale, while adding key ingredients to create an intriguing storytelling experience. The Wasteland-themed one-shot portrays a far darker world than its predecessors. However, one of the most surprising posts in the edition is the reintroduction in The old man Logan the myth of The Lizard, a man-eating, oversized reptile that rules the coast of Florida. The lizard is a terrifying sight that does Wastelanders: Black Widow # 1 a memorable read.

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