Mary Cosby’s parents claim she is being manipulated

VIDEO: Mary Cosby's parents claim she's being manipulated and one

In a new and upcoming interview, controversial Real housewives in Salt Lake City star Mary Cosbys estranged parents talk about their daughter’s unorthodox marriage arrangement to her stepfather, Robert Cosby, Sr. The couple is firmly behind theories that the couple’s church is in fact a cult.

talking with Up and Adam Live, Mary’s parents deny that Mary ever wanted to marry Robert, Sr. They claim that she was “manipulated” and a “victim” of her husband / stepfather.

“Mary was not Bob Cosby’s first choice,” her father insists.

He elaborated further, saying, “She will not be married to her stepfather; she will never be married to him.”

Mary’s father said instead that his daughter was manipulated into the marriage by Robert Sr., who distorted her “Mama’s” (Mary’s grandmother) word about taking over the church after her death. He also endowed her with gifts.

“He convinced her by saying, ‘Mom wanted you to marry me,’ plus here’s a few hundred thousand dollars, and it’s your birthday; here’s a BMW, ‘” he continued.

He also went on to call Mary a “victim” in the midst of Mary’s cult rumors, and he said she was kept under her husband’s slave.

“She has to remove herself very quickly, because under Bob Cosby, it’s a cult,” her father says.

This interview comes after a tumultuous season for Mary. She has garnered much criticism for her tone-deaf racial comments and actions, and she has made no real apologies for them. Mary has also vehemently denied any accusation that her church was run as a cult. However, she recently jumped out of the series’ season two reunion episodes. According to showrunner Andy Cohen, this was a mistake, and he said by skipping the reunion that you allow others to control your narrative, calling it “sad.”

I mean, even Erika Jayne and co-star Jen Shah showed up to meet the loud music when the time came for the reunion shows.

Even more, it is beginning to look like those cult claims may have had an impact on her congregation and church.

A fan who has a friend in Salt Lake City tweeted that all the signage for Mary’s Church has been removed.

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