Michael Mann wrote a sequel novel, and it will be published this year

Marks his debut as a novelist, director Michael mand will publish a literary follow-up to his legendary crime novel, Heat, Deadline reported Wednesday. With the title Heat 2, the book has been co-authored by Mann and the Edgar winner Meg Gardiner, and will hit the shelves (and probably also digital formats) on August 9. The announcement came with a special teaser, scored for Moby“God Moving Over the Face of the Water”, which is famous in the last moments of the crime classic from 1995.

Mann told Deadline that he “for a long time” had wanted to tell more stories in the film’s noir-soaked Los Angeles. The book takes place before and after the events in Heat, which ends with the death of career criminal Neil McCauley (Robert DeNiro), who is killed by LAPD Lieutenant Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino) after a cat-and-mouse hunt. In Mann’s own words:


“It has long been my intention to make the further stories about Heat. There was always a rich history or background story about the events of these people’s lives before 1995 in Heat and projection of where their lives would lead them. ”

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With De Niro and Pacino at the top of their star status, Mann’s films deliberately kept them apart from each other on screen, building towards a restaurant face-off that is still one of the most iconic scenes in modern cinema. The actors had previously starred in The Godfather Part II (although they did not share any scenes, due to their characters existing in separate timelines), and later in the already forgotten 2008 thriller just kill. Recently, they played together in Martin Scorseses crime epic Ireren.

Heat 2 is the first title from Michael Mann Books, who signed a multi-million dollar deal with HarperCollins’ imprint William Morrow. The novel begins a day after the film’s events, with Val Kilmer‘s Chris Shiherlis – one of McCauley’s crew members – is trying to hightail it out of Los Angeles. The action takes place not only in LA, but also spreads across Mexico and Southeast Asia.

The book will also offer a deep dive into Hanna’s life, six years before the film’s events, as he hones his skills as a law officer. Hanna was based on the real Chicago PD detective Chuck Adamson and his pursuit of the real Neil McCauley. Several events shown in the film actually happened. The book will explore Hanna’s failed first marriage and the effects of his Marine Corp service in Vietnam. It will also include other members of McCauley’s crew.

“The bank job was not the first time Kelso worked with McCauley, and not the last time he will work with Chris,” Mann teased, referring to Tom Noonans character in the film. He added:

“When I was writing the film, it was imperative for me to create complete life stories about all the characters and to know everything about them, including Neil McCauley’s early institutionalized years, when he lost track of his brother before jumping out on the street with a parachute, young, angry and dangerous.And the novel shows a McCauley very attached and the dramatic events that resulted in his statement that “if you make movements on the street, have no connection, allow nothing to be in your life that you do not can go out in about thirty seconds if you spot the heat around the corner. ‘”

The book flirts with the theory that Hanna and McCauley were destined to cross paths; Although they had never met each other before the events of the film, their journeys in the book are intertwined.

Essentially a remake of his 1989 TV movie LA takedown, Heat has inspired an entire generation of filmmakers, in particular Christopher Nolan, whose superhero epic The Black Knight borrows a lot from the film. Mann’s last feature was the infamous box office bomb Black hat. He is currently working as an executive producer and director on Tokyo Vice, an HBO Max adaptation of Jake Adelstein‘s non-fiction book.

You can watch the teaser here. Heat 2 will be published on August 9:

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