Mike Rowe: ‘Comedians have let us down’

Mike Rowe is not a comedian by profession, but he can do funny business when he sees it.

Or in the case of modern comedians, when it hardly exists.

Rowe appeared on Timcast IRL earlier this month, and the conversation focused heavily on the media finally telling us some truths about the pandemic.

Example: Both CNN and the CDC note that as many as 40 percent of the people hospitalized with COVID were not there because of the globe-trotting virus. There is a huge difference between being hospitalized due to COVID-related symptoms and testing positive but being treated for other conditions.


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Need more? Obesity puts people at significant risk when it comes to COVID-19, something many understood from the beginning of the crisis.

Rowe, the face of TV’s “Dirty Jobs” and his podcast, “The Way I Heard It,” greeted some of the brave voices who have been telling us these truths all along. He also brought up the classic satire, “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” to describe what is happening in culture today.

That story followed a ruler strolling around in his birthday costume after being lured by tailors playing on his ego. It took a child, according to the HC Andersen yarn, to reveal that he was not a fashion icon at all, but a naked fool.

“It had to be the child because the adults could not do it,” Rowe explained, adding that something similar happened during the mainstream news coverage pandemic. “Go down the list and look at all the journalists who could have been that boy.”

Instead, a powerful comedian became a podcaster – Joe Rogan. – beat them to it.

“It took a comedian who became famous for eating maggots [on ‘Fear Factor’] . That was what we were going to have [Dr.] Robert Malone out there, to make the whole GETTR thing happen, ”Rogan said, referring to the medical expert who questioned pandemic stories and the emergence of a free-speech Twitter alternative.

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Rowe went on to tick off key groups that have failed Americans over the past two years, including journalists and politicians. Another group, however, got his anger.

“Our comedians have let us down,” Rowe said. “The court jester you referred to in Andersen’s story, where is he?”

Comedians in the evening, Comedy Central and “Saturday Night Live” have mostly avoided mocking the infatuation of Democrats who betrayed their own COVID-19 restrictions, for example. They also supported government mandates, regardless of the science behind them, while failing to criticize Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Many Mistakes.

“The diligence with which the comedy has unfolded or failed to unfold, and we can blame Cancel Culture, we can blame speech … they also failed us,” he said. “No one held anyone’s feet to the fire in any meaningful way.”

Pool quickly noticed a few comical exceptions, including Rogan, Ricky Gervais and Ryan Long.

“[Long isn’t] a right-wing guy. He’s just a comedian making fun, ”Pool said of wiseacre, known for his viral video sensations.

“Rogan has always been an independent voice … that’s why he’s so important,” Rowe said, adding the comic appeals to “ordinary people” who are not obsessed with politics. “He points to the emperor and says, ‘you have no clothes on and I do not care.'”

“The Emperor,” remarked Pool, is “the tale.”

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Rowe went on to praise Rogan, saying he often disagrees with the Spotify superstar, but follows him for a different reason.

“[Rogan] has a goal for the humility that is lacking in science… he has a comedian’s sense of the absurd, and most importantly, he does not lie, ”said Rowe.

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