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Moon Knight’s new rival has one power the MCU hero has never received

Moon Knight has a new rival who also draws power from the Marvel god Khonshu, but this villain has some abilities that the future MCU hero does not have.

WARNING: The following are huge spoilers for Moon Knight # 3, now available from Marvel Comics.

Marc Spector’s return to action as Moon Knight has come with a whole new mission that has also brought the rage of a whole new enemy down on him. Hunter’s Moon, the second fist in Khonshu, has come to correct the mistakes in Marc Spector’s ways with the same brutality that Moon Knight himself would.

And in Moon Knight # 3 by Jed MacKay, Alessandro Cappuccio, Rachelle Rosenberg and VC’s Cory Petit, Hunter’s Moon reveals its one big advantage against the Marvel hero; he has the experience of every other master who has served his patron god Khonshu, a gift that Marc never received.

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Spector has more than enough on his plate already, but Dr. Badr’s arrival has introduced a whole new layer of problems for Moon Knight. Badr, the previously unseen fist in Khonshu, has been following Marc closely and he has not been impressed. As for Badr, Moon Knight is strayed from the divine path they both have to go, and he has no problem violently interrupting one of the hero’s nocturnal sweeps. Despite how skilled he is, Marc has surprisingly many problems keeping up with his new opponent, mostly because of the incredible power he has been permeated by their common patron god.

During their fight, Hunter’s Moon comments on how sloppy his opponent’s traits are, as opposed to the graceful ones he himself uses. For this reason, Badr wonders aloud whether Marc Spector was never given Khonshu’s Gift of the Chorus, giving him experiences and skill in all the previous masters of the gods.

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Given the tumultuous relationship between Khonshu and Spector and the negative effect the god has had on Marc’s mental state, this is especially discouraging for Marc. Despite his many years of service, Spector has never received an offer on any kind of gift like this. This may be due to Hunter’s Moon’s place in the god’s inner circle, or simply because of how evil Marc Spector already was. Whatever it is, it’s clear that the threat from Hunter’s Moon is a far greater threat than originally expected, though he still does not know how to fight as dirty as Marc.

Despite all his skill and strength, Hunter’s Moon does not quite have what it takes to defeat Moon Knight. With the unexpected blessing from Khonshu, Hunter’s Moon is a formidable threat, but Marc Spector still has some surprises of his own that make him one of Marvel’s most unpredictable heroes.

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