More than a dozen people from the Chicago area have been arrested in connection with the Capitol uprising, but only one has been sentenced to prison

CHICAGO (CBS) – More than 700 people have been arrested and charged in connection with the deadly siege of the US capital a year ago on Thursday.

More than a dozen of the detainees came from the Chicago area – including a Chicago police officer.

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So what has happened to them since then, and how many actually got jailed? CBS 2 investigator Megan Hickey dug through federal records to find out.

Chicago police officer Karol Chwiesiuk, who worked in the Harrison (11th) district, has been on leave. He was notorious for pictures of him inside the Capitol wearing a hoodie from the Chicago Police Department.

Chicago police officer Karol Chwiesiuk was charged with having participated in the storm of the U.S. capital on January 6, 2021. Prosecutors said he took selfies of himself wearing a hoodie with the CPD emblem. (Credit: US Attorney’s Office)

Chwiesiuk’s case is still pending, as are many others. In fact, we could only find one resident of Illinois so far who was actually sentenced to time behind bars.

Only a fraction – about 70 – of the more than 700 people so far charged in connection with the uprising on January 6, 2021, have been convicted. And so far, the majority have been convicted without having to spend a day in jail.

The only resident of Illinois who has so far been sentenced to prison is Bradley Rukstales, who was sentenced to 30 days and sentenced to pay $ 500 in damages.

Rukstales had been CEO of the Schaumburg-based technology company Cogensia. He was fired by the company the same day he was hit by federal charges for his role in the riot.

Brad Rukstales

Brad Rukstales (Credit: CBS 2)

Rukstales from Inverness spoke exclusively with CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar the day after the uprising.

“I had nothing to do with charging anyone or anything or doing any of it,” he said. “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and I regret my part in it.”

Rukstales reports to a federal prison in Michigan on February 1st.

As Capitol Police withdrew down a flight of stairs that winter day, federal prosecutors said chairs tumbled down behind them. Rukstales is accused of throwing one of those chairs. He pleaded guilty to the charges in August.

Only two other Illinois men have been convicted – Douglas Wangler and Bruce J. Harrison, who each received two years probation and must pay $ 500 in damages.

“The reason I’m not surprised is that the law has capped the available penalties,” said former federal prosecutor Steven Block.

Block explained that although the judgments might seem mild, but they reflect the way the law works.

“The criminal offense in this case is probably one of the most serious in our nation’s history,” he said. “It’s a form of criminal offense under the law, so the convictions available to these defendants are what the law allows and nothing more.”

We dug a little and discovered that there are at least 12 defendants from the area who are still having their cases pending. Block was not surprised either – he said the cases take time, and evidence of a selfie inside the Capitol is not enough to speed up the process.

Federal court records show Dawn Frankowski of Naperville and David Wiersma of Posen have a status conference next month.

Dawn Frankowski

Dawn Frankowski

Dave Wiersma

Dave Wiersma

So do Marcos Gleffe of Elk Grove Village and Kevin James Lyons, who were arrested in Chicago. Lyons is accused of entering the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s office after breaking the Capitol.

Marcos Gleffe

Marcos Gleffe (via Facebook)

Kash Lee Kelly of Hammond, Indiana goes before a judge on January 21.

Kash Lee Kelly

Lawrence Ligas’ case is still pending. He was just arrested in Chicago last month.

Lawrence Ligas Criminal Complaint Photo

Lawrence League Complaint (Credit: FBI)

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Christian Kulas of Winnetka and his brother, Mark Kulas Jr., both entered into a complaint agreement. They will be sentenced on March 7.

Christian Kulas

Christian Kulas

Amy and John Schubert of Crest Hill pleaded guilty and will be convicted in February.

A Facebook photo of Amy and John Schubert helped federal agents link them to the breach of the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. (Credit: US Attorney’s Office)

Meanwhile, an Aurora man, James Robert Elliott, was just arrested on December 21st. He was accused of attacking police officers with a flagpole.

Chicago Politisupt. David Brown said Officer Chwiesiuk was on “medical leave” on the day of the riot at the U.S. capital.

“This officer is one of those officers who should never have been hired,” Brown said when Chwiesiuk was arrested in June.

Chwiesiuk had a status hearing last week.

On Thursday, Chicago police said Officer Chwiesiuk is “inactive” and has been on leave since Aug. 11. This means that he is not currently receiving a salary.

For all the defendants in the Capitol riots, the harshest sentence went to Robert Scott Palmer of Florida, who was sentenced to five years and three months in prison for attacking officers with a wooden plank and a fire extinguisher.

Here is a list of the status of defendants in the Chicago area in the Capitol riot:

Dawn Frankowski:
Arrested in Naperville
Case pending – next reading on 18 February.

David Wiersma:
Picked up in the Bag.
This is a common case with Dawn Frankowski
Wiersma is permitted to travel within 100 miles of his home for business purposes without prior notice to the Pretrial Services Agency. He also has a status conference on February 18th.

Officer Karol J. Chwiesiuk:
Arrested in Chicago
Case pending
He had a status hearing last week.

Marcos Gleffe:
Arrested in Elk Grove Village
Charged and pleaded not guilty to all charges on December 10.
Status conference scheduled for February 11th.

Kash Lee Kelly:
Arrested in Hammond, Indiana
He had a pending drug case, and the judge used his involvement in Capitol Riot against him.
This case was moved to the DC Federal Court of Northern Indiana
Kelly’s initial hearing is now scheduled for January 21.

Lawrence Ligas:
Arrested on December 1 in Chicago

Christian Kulas:
Arrested in Winnetka.
He agreed to a complaint agreement. The deal says prosecutors face a maximum sentence of six months in prison and a fine of up to $ 5,000 – even if he could get less than that.
The sentence is set for March 7.

Mark Kulas Jr. ::
Brother of Christian Kulas, also from Winnetka.
Sentencing set for March 7.

Kevin James Lyons:
Arrested in Chicago
A declaration of innocence has been filed and he is due in court at video conference on February 11th.

Amy and John Schubert:
Both were arrested in Crest Hill on July 26.
Plea in law lodged on 3 December. The sentencing is set for February 17.

Douglas Wangler:
From downstate Danville, transferred to DC federal court.
Sentenced to two years probation, $ 500 repayment and $ 10 special assessment on Dec. 16.

Bruce J. Harrison:
From downstate Danville. Also sentenced to two years probation, $ 500 repayment and $ 10 special assessment.

James Robert Elliott:
Arrested in Aurora. Next trial date is not available.

Brad Rukstales:
From Inverness; arrested in Washington, DC
Pleaded guilty and sentenced to 30 years in prison, $ 500 repayment and $ 10 special assessment.

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David Fitzgerald:
From Roselle. The details of the court are not available.


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