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For many, part of the fun of reading comics is seeing how heroes will manage to overcome challenges that are “too much sand for their truck”. And the magazine Iron Man #, written by Christopher Cantwell and featuring art by Cafu and Frank D’Amata, shows just one of those situations for Iron Man, as Stark to stop the villain Korvac takes one of Marvel’s most powerful sources of energy.

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In the current arc of Iron Man’s solo magazine, Tony Stark tries to stop Korvac from uniting all intelligent life into a single mind, which will be controlled by the villain. To that end, Stark assembled a team of heroes and set out for Galactus’ spaceship Taa 2, where the cosmic force, coveted by Korvac, is guarded.

Before the ship reached, however, the voyage left Iron Man at the bottom of the tomb, following an earlier battle with Korvac that suffered worrying injuries that forced him to always stay in his armor to survive. And with the excruciating pain of his bruises, Tony began to medicate himself with painkillers and relive his problems with substance abuse, such as medication and alcohol, which the hero had long ago overcome.

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Iron Man Scene # 14. (Image: Disclosure / Marvel Comics)

This culminated in Iron Man #, where Tony Stark, with his realization greatly changed due to excessive use of painkillers, began to fight Korvac on the ship Galactus. Desperate to stop Korvac, the golden avenger ended up taking the cosmic power for himself, causing a transformation in the hero and ending the editing on one hook for the next.

Cosmic Iron Man?

Iron Man Cover # coming to gringo newsstands in November. (Image: Disclosure / Marvel Comics)

Cosmic Power is a huge, divine and infinite source of power from the Marvel universe that is mainly used in the comics of Galactus and his herald, Silver Surfer. It allows the World Devourer to manipulate the cosmic energies of the universe at will.

Requests for upcoming issues of Iron Man’s solo magazine show that he really wants to go through a phase where he will practically be a cosmic Marvel god with a new look, that it looks like a mix of its organic body with the armor, as seen in the image above.

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But when the question ended on a hook, we first begin to learn more details about this new phase of Iron Man in November, where Iron Man # 660 arrives in gringo newsagents.

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