New case of rare monkey pox virus discovered after infected returnees from Africa - World News | MCU Times

New case of rare monkey pox virus discovered after infected returnees from Africa – World News

WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT: Monkey pox – a rare virus from the smallpox family – was discovered after a person traveled to the United States from Nigeria and the second case has been registered in America since 2004

A scientist tests for monkey pox virus
A scientist tests for monkey pox virus

A new case of the rare monkey pox virus has been discovered after an infected person returned from Africa.

The virus – which is in the same family as smallpox – was found in a person who had recently returned to Maryland from the African nation, officials said.

Their condition is not thought to be serious.

Currently, the Centers for Disease Control is working with the airline and health officials to ensure that all passengers on the plane are contacted in the event that they have contracted the virus.

Earlier this year, former British Health Minister Matt Hancock announced that there were two cases in Wales where the unpleasant condition appears to reappear.

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There were no reported cases in Nigeria for 40 years before 2017, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but since then there have been 218.

The Maryland Department of Health confirmed the recent case in the United States where patients are said to be isolated but did not require hospitalization.

Maryland Department of Health Deputy Secretary of State, Dr. Jinlene Chan, said: “The public health authorities have identified and continue to follow up with those who may have been in contact with the diagnosed person.

This will be the second case reported in the US since 2004 (stock photo)


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“Our response in close coordination with CDC officials demonstrates the importance of maintaining a strong public health infrastructure.”

The health authorities have assured the public that they do not need to take any special precautions.

Earlier this year, the United States confirmed its first monkey poop case since 2004, when a man was found having it in Texas.

A boy infected with monkey pox


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Monkey pox causes flu-like symptoms and rashes that develop into fluid-filled spots

In June, two people – both members of the same household – were monitored after the virus was identified in North Wales.

Public Health Wales said at the time that the wider risk to the public was “low”.

It is understood that a person has contracted the virus abroad and then passed it on to someone they live with.

The smallpox virus causes a disease with symptoms similar to, but less severe, to smallpox, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The disease occurs with flu-like symptoms and swelling of the lymph nodes and develops into a widespread rash on the face and body.

During the disease, the rash changes from swollen red buds to spots filled with fluid. The spots eventually form crusts, which later fall off.

The infection can last between two weeks to a month


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While all strains of the virus cause infection, those circulating in Africa generally cause less severe symptoms.

Generally, monkey pox infections last two to four weeks and spread mostly through airway droplets.

In a speech to MPs in June, Mr Hancock said: “As Minister of Health, you are dealing with this kind of outbreak all the time – I am currently dealing with a monkey pox outbreak and cases of drug-resistant TB, and that is absolutely standard.”

Travelers returning from Central or Western Africa are advised to inform their physician if they develop symptoms of monkey pox.

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