New pictures give first full look at Penguin, Riddler

New commercials give fans a closer look at Paul Dano’s The Riddler and Colin Farrell’s Penguin, as they will appear in The Batman.

With the release of Matt Reeves’ Batman just a few weeks away, Warner Bros. said. finally fans their first full look at The Riddler and The Penguin.

Although both characters have been featured in trailers and other set footage, new images shared for Warner Bros. press page, the first time that both villains have been seen so clearly in costume. Paul Dano’s Edward Nashton / The Riddler is unrecognizable from the bright green suits associated with most iterations of character. Instead, he is dressed in muted shades of green and a full face mask with a pair of glasses on top. Pictures of Colin Farrell’s Oswald Cobblepot / The Penguin are more cartoonish as he leans back in a leather armchair while wearing a luxurious smoking jacket.

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Farrell has talked about his costume for Batman earlier and revealed that an iconic piece is missing. “There is no high hat [in The Batman]”there is a scene where I have an umbrella in my hand but it does not have a trigger on the handle,” he said. He has a lame gait, so there is something of a waggel there. But Oz does not yet fully live in the penguin’s mythology and does not take the moniker so kindly. “

While Dano’s Riddler played a significant role in the latest trailers released for the Matt Reeves movie, Farrell has noted how much Penguin fans can expect to see in Batman. “I’m only in five or six scenes [as Penguin], “he said.” So I can not wait to see the movie, because it will not be ruined by my presence. “

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Farrell is not the only actress to have commented on their costume, as Zoë Kravitz has previously explained the reason behind the long claws on her Catwoman suit. “We shot two months before quarantine and everything shut down, so in that time I started to grow my nails out because we could not get a manicure, and then I got this idea to take it further … so I called Matt and was like, I have this idea, we were going to make crazy, bitchy, wonderful scary nails that looked like claws, “she said. “There is no nail polish on them so they looked more like claws and we were able to incorporate it at the last minute.”

Along with these classic members of Batman’s rogues gallery, Warner Bros.’s synopsis for Batman hinted at another mysterious villain. While the riddler’s name appears in the synopsis, the mention of an unnamed “killer” may mean that a completely different character will appear along with the already confirmed villains, even though no other clues to their identity have been revealed.

Batman opens in theaters on March 4th.

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Source: Warner Bros., via Bleeding Cool

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