New X-Men Series Reveals Mister Sinister Is Afraid of Exodus

Immortal X-Men series writer Kieron Gillen says there might be one foe out there who Mister Sinister truly fears: a certain omega-level mutant.

As “Destiny of X” draws near, Immortal X-Men writer Kieron Gillen says there’s one enemy Mister Sinister would rather not have run-ins with: Exodus.

Immortal X-Men writer Kieron Gillen opened up to Entertainment Weekly about what fans can expect from the upcoming “Destiny of X” event, which begins this spring. Gillen said Exodus, the omega-level mutant first introduced in 1993’s X Factor # 92, might only be one other character out there that Mister Sinister is afraid of. “A really useful technique in comics is going okay, let’s do a focus issue where we see what this person thinks about everyone else,” Gillen said. “Especially if you’re doing a politics book, you know this person hates that person, but they’re not giving it away. There’s a bit in Issue # 1 where Sinister reveals he’s petrified of Exodus. That’s not something you’ll know anywhere else, because Sinister’s not gonna let him know that. It’s not as simple as each issue is from someone’s perspective, but they’ll be who we focus on. “

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Not only is Mister Sinister scared of Exodus but he’s “petrified” of him – and for good reason. Appearing, disappearing and then reappearing throughout the past couple of decades of X-Men comics, Exodus has powers of telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation and mind control that easily match those of the strongest mutants out there. Having simultaneously fought the Avengers and the X-Men to a standstill in the 1993 Bloodties crossover eventthe villain is more than capable of going toe-to-toe with someone of Sinister’s standing.

As they now reside on Krakoa, Exodus and Mister Sinister have already found themselves at odds leading up to “Destiny of X.” Gillen said he wants to take that a step further in Immortal X-Men, as he plans to continue exploring the compelling dynamic between the two characters. “I view Exodus the same way I viewed Sinister the last time I came on the X-books: He’s a character who I feel is underdeveloped and could do with a strong spin,” he said. “So I’m doing a strong spin on Exodus, I think.”

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More specifically, Gillen said that Exodus’ highly religious upbringing will feed into the character’s motivations in the upcoming series. “He’s Catholic,” Gillen said. “I was raised Catholic, so my Catholicism is all over the place. I like how he has his own warped mutant take on Catholicism. I’m not sure how far deep I’ll go into the concept of antipopes and stuff, but, I might! Exodus is about the weirdness of being a believer. “

Created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Marc Silvestri, Gillen worked on and somewhat re-wrote the character of Mister Sinister when crafting 2012’s Uncanny X-Men. While remaining true to Sinister’s origin, Gillen clarified the supervillain’s egotistical motivations while also infusing new levels of camp and avant-garde sensibilities.

Immortal X-Men will primarily focus on the Quiet Council governing the mutant-populated island of Krakow. Featuring artwork from Lucas Werneck, the first issue releases March 30.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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