Nicole Kidman skipped quarantine in Hong Kong. The residents were angry.

When Nicole Kidman flew into Hong Kong to film a TV series about wealthy foreigners, residents could not help but notice some of the perks on hand: a private jet, a personal driver and, most importantly, all, a lapse from mandatory quarantine.

Some of them saw a case of life that mimicked art or the power of celebrity, or at least a mistake in PR, in the midst of a pandemic.

But in both ways, many people on Chinese territory viewed the Australian end-run around Australian coronavirus rules — some of the strictest in the world — as a symbol of the injustice that pervades a city known for its soaring inequalities. Friday, the rare exception was a point of debate on the floor of the city’s legislature.

“Now that you’ve set a precedent, does that mean all foreign movie stars will be exempted when they fly to Hong Kong to film movies?” Michael Tien, an established lawmaker, asked Sophia Chan, the health secretary. If not, can you explain why Nicole was superior to everyone else? Although I like her. ”

Ms Kidman went shopping in central Hong Kong two days after she flew in from Sydney, Australia, in a private jet, the South China Morning Post reported. The government later confirmed that she and four crew members had been allowed to circumvent a rule requiring vaccinated travelers from Australia to be quarantined at a hotel for a week. (The time was increased to two weeks on Friday.)

A Hong Kong regulation allows a senior official to grant quarantine exemption to people whose work is considered “in the interest” of the city’s economic development. The Commerce and Economic Development Bureau said Thursday that Ms. Kidman’s exception allows her to perform “designated professional work” that is seen as necessary for the local economy.

But in a city where borders have been closed to non-residents for much of the pandemic – and where some incoming travelers are still required to quarantine in hotels for three weeks – Mrs Kidman’s exception not gone well over.

Several critics have noted that Ms. Kidman is in Hong Kong to film “Expats,” an Amazon Prime Video series based on “The Expatriates,” a 2016 novel by Janice YK Lee that satirizes wealthy Westerners in the financial hub. Others contradicted her freedom to travel with conditions in Australia and observed that she visited an exclusive clothing store in Hong Kong, just as Sydney went back in the lockdown. (A Hong Kong journalist reported that Kidman’s driver had illegally parked a Range Rover in an intersection while he was waiting for her to act.)

Ms Kidman’s spokesmen did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday. Some of the photos from her trip to Hong Kong show her wearing a mask in public, as most people who have done since Covid-19 first appeared in neighboring China.

Some Hong Kongers see Amazon show as fabricated at an unfortunate time when some residents are fleeing an attack on disagreement that has captured opposition politicians, university students and others who supported the city’s widespread protests against the government in 2019.

Many residents have long complained about Hong Kong’s inequalities, and territorial leaders have faced other public backlash to set different Covid rules for the rich and poor.

In May, the government quietly announced a plan to exempt company executives from quarantine, but it later put the plan on hold.

Around the same time, officials went back on a controversial order that would have required migrant domestic workers to be vaccinated. But the government went ahead with a plan to subject these workers to a second round of mandatory coronavirus testing, even though the first round had found only three cases among 340,000 people.

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