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NO WAY HOME can just be Deepfake – GeekTyrant

Update: So I just learned that this video that shows us that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man video is a deepfake is actually fake. The creator admitted that it was false.

“Nah, I made this video yesterday during lunch. Of course, it was never to fool anyone who really knows about VFX, but just to have the average person think it was enough. ”

So I became a troll…. again. I hate the internet. While Serrato admitted that his own DeepFake video was fake, he says he is sure the leaked video is genuine.

Original article:

As you have probably seen or heard, there is a lot of talk that there is evidence that Andrew Garfield is repeating his role as Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No way home. There is a photo that has made rounds and then there is a compelling video that came up.

Well, it turns out that the video is a fake, and it was created by YouTube user Alex Cerrato. He created a really good and convincing deepfake by Andrew Garfield and many people fell for it! Hell, I thought it was at least just old video footage from the set of one of the previous Amazing Spider-Man movies, but no, it was all fake!

So this video shows that Garfield is in the movie, has been shattered. I knew it was too good to be true. Watch the video below that shows you how the video’s creator brought Andrew Garfield to life and trolled the internet.

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