No way home could launch a spider-girl spinoff into Maguire’s universe

The events in Spider-Man: No Way Home make it very possible for one Spider-girl spin-off is to take place in Tobey Maguire’s universe. No way home ends up with a myriad of possibilities for what could happen to its characters in future movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and beyond. Maguire’s Spider-Man, referred to as “Peter 2” in the film, was no different in that respect, and his universe could be easily expanded by introducing a character with large ties to Spider Man franchise: Peter Parker’s daughter.

In the main continuity of the cartoon, Peter and Mary Jane got a baby girl named May Parker, but she was kidnapped by the Green Goblin after her birth, and the two of them were told that their child was stillborn; whether May was killed was left ambiguous, but the plot line has not been followed up on significantly in the twenty-five years that have passed since it first happened. Peter and Mary Jane have become complicated over the years, including having their marriage erased from existence in One more day, so there has not been a good opportunity to explore the idea of ​​having a child in newer comics. The idea has been explored in shifting continuities, though either through May Parker, who survived the green elf, or from the two just having another daughter together, and that daughter often gets her own powers and fights crime as a spider girl.


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Such Spider-Man: No Way Home ends could easily create another story about Peter and Mary Jane having a daughter who becomes a spider girl. While there have been other characters without a direct connection to Peter Parker to bear the name Spider-Girl – especially Anya Corazon – Spider-Girl is most recognizable as the daughter of Peter and Mary Jane. If a Spider-girl spinoff should happen, it would make the most sense that it went with that angle, and what No way home reveals whether Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man and his relationship with Mary Jane would make it more than likely that it would happen.

Who is Spider-Girl in Marvel Comics?

Mayday Parker and Annie Parker, the Daughters of Spider-Man and Mary Jane and Future Spider-Girls

There have been a few characters to bear the name Spider-Girl in the comics, but it is mostly associated with the daughter of Peter and Mary Jane in various alternative continuities. The first and most famous version of this May “Mayday” Parker from the Marvel Comics 2 series of comics. Marvel Comics 2 was a series of comics set in a universe where many superheroes and supervillains have had children who have taken up their mantle. Along with that, Peter and Mary Jane’s daughter was rescued from the green elf by Peter’s clone Kaine, and as a teenager, Mayday decided to follow in her father’s footsteps to become a spider.

Another, newer version of Spider-Girl is Annie May Parker from Spider-Man: Renew your vows. Renew your promises takes place in an alternative continuity where the Superhuman Registration Act never got underway because the Avengers and X-Men agreed that police superpower beings instead. Because there was no registration law, Civil war never happened, which means it One more day never happened and Peter and Mary Jane remained married. Eventually, they had a daughter named Annie May, who developed powers as a young child, and the three of them – when Mary Jane was given a special suit that allowed Peter to share his powers with her – became a crime-fighting family. with Annie May as Spiderling, and Mary Jane as Spinner.

What No Way Home Revealed About Maguires Spider-Man

There are two specific versions of Spider-Girl, one Spider-girl spinoff could subtract, and both are plausible within the framework of the Sam Raimi universe. IN No way home, when Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man see Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and MJ being sweet to each other, they begin to talk about how difficult it is for a Spider-Man to be able to maintain a relationship with Garfield’s Parker. not found anyone since Gwen Stacy’s death in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Maguires Parker mentions Mary Jane, and although the full status of their current relationship is not revealed, he confirms that they have been back together since the events of Spider-Man 3 and managed to make their relationship work in a certain capacity. In general, the scenario is quite vague, but the fact that they are in a relationship at all is important.

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How a Spider-Girl Spinoff Could Work

Spider-Man and Spider-Girl

Whether the spider girl is Mayday, Annie May or a combination of the two, one Spider-girl spin-off of the Raimi films would in theory be easy to pull off. Since seventeen years have passed in the universe Spider-Man 3, it’s more than enough time for Peter and Mary Jane to have a baby together. While Maguire’s Spider-Man said their relationship was complicated No way home, having a daughter would no doubt add more stress to both Peter Parker and Spider-Man, so she could certainly be a part of these complications, especially if she’s developing her own powers and trying to be a superhero.

If the spinoff used Mayday, then it could pull from the Marvel Comics 2 universe and be about Mayday joining a new generation of superheroes and supervillains with his family as supporting characters. One of the main characters in Mayday’s Spider-girl – and the first supervillain she had to deal with – was Normie Osborn, Harry Osborn’s son, who took the mantle of the Green Goblin to avenge his father and grandfather, which would be incredibly thematically appropriate in a story about inheritance. While Harry never had a child in the Raimi movies, it would be easy enough to say that he was born out of a relationship that Harry kept hidden from Peter while they quarreled, and being left alone in the world after Harry’s death could even giving him the motivation to try to kill Parkers. Not only that, but with Norman Osborn alive and back in Maguire’s universe in some capacity, he could try to help Normie now that he’s been freed from Santa, which could provide a reason for Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn to to return that could bind organically into the story.

If spinoff used Annie May, then there are two main ways spinoff could approach things. The first would be to pull on Renew your promises and get the family to fight crime together, though it’s natural that Peter and Mary Jane would be overprotective of Annie May and not let her help as much as she would like. For the main villain, spinoff could use the original main villain off Renew your promises – Regent who uses technology to drain superpowered beings of their powers and use them themselves. While that comic book story was still focused mostly on Peter, a film adaptation could easily adapt the plot to make it more of a growing story with a focus on Annie May coming to her right.

Another story that could be done is a multiverse story that has Annie May as the main character. In the sequel to the original Spider verse history, Spider-Geddon, it was revealed that Annie May is the Pattern Maker, a spider Totem who has the power to strengthen the Web of Life, from which all humans with spider powers across the multiverse derive their power. Both the MCU and Sony films have become more involved in the multiverse with their recent projects, so adapting a story that connects Annie May to an important facet of the multiverse would be an easy way to tie the story to major MCU and Sony films. plotter. without having her directly appear in any of the main universe of the franchise.

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All in all, there are many ways in which one Spider-girl spinoff could work. Giving Peter and Mary Jane a child would be simple enough, and from there there is a chance to tell a story of inheritance, a story of old age, or even another story of the multiverse. There are many ways to make this happen, especially given the information already helpfully established in No way home.

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