No way home will not work for the rest of the MCU

It is safe to say that the Marvel franchise had a pretty good year, starting with WandaVision and ends with Spider-Man: No Way Home In December. No way home was the perfect way to end the year, making it one of the biggest Marvel projects to date.

Right now, No way home is currently the fourth largest movie ever in the United States, according to box office reports, with the only other Marvel movie topping it. Avengers: Endgame. The return of Andrew Garfields and Tobey Maguire played a major role in making the film a success, with the help of other actors such as Willem Dafoe and Alfred Molina.


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Along with a compelling plot and the convergence of Spider-Verse, the cast and characters were one of the film’s biggest draws. The fact that Spider-Man has justified three different reboots is a testament in itself to how popular the web-slinging character is, and Spider-Man is certainly one of the most famous Marvel heroes ever created.

all 3 spider men

Every Spider Man the series has its ups and downs, though the overall response from fans has been more positive than negative. Given the success of all three Spider-Man series on its own, it worked well for MCU to bring all of Peter Parkers together on a single timeline because each actor / character is popular with the audience.

So despite the incredible results this strategy has yielded No way home, it will probably not work for any other Marvel movie in the future. To begin with, Marvel has a habit of overusing plot points that have worked well for them in the past. The “fake death” plot line, for example, began to become predictable after killing and reviving so many characters. If Marvel makes it a habit to bring in characters from old movies that are not part of the official MCU, this technique will lose the influence it had on fans during No way home.

Additionally, the reason Garfield, Maguires, and the other Spider-Man villains were so well received, due to their individual popularity. As mentioned earlier, Spider-Man is one of the most well-known and beloved characters in the Marvel universe. Gathering all versions of Peter Parker in a single movie, along with other infamous villains, was therefore actually something viewers wanted to see.

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If Marvel were to try to use the multiverse as a way to incorporate other, less popular, non-MCU characters into future projects, the impact it would have on viewers would not be the same. The reason No way home packed such a blow and has performed so well, is due to the connection fans have to all versions of Spider-Man, as well as the villains already seen in previous movies. There are not many other options Marvel has for reusing this strategy and getting the same result.

That said, however, it can be argued that Marvel is introducing the X-Men, as their resurgence could add more depth to the MCU. The X-Men movies were met with great success alone, and several MCU fans are fans of it, too X men series. Since X men has individual popularity similar to Garfields and Maguires Spider Man movies, it would definitely be a big deal for many Marvel viewers to bring the X-Men back.

Not to mention those who have seen Deadpool know that the unjust mercenary has already established a relationship with some X-Men, like Colossus, and often makes jokes at the expense of Wolverine. Deadpool will officially join the MCU with Deadpool 3, so it looks like the X-Men will be part of the MCU as an extension.

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Since big names like Jennifer Lawrence and Hugh Jackman have been part of the X-Men franchise, it would be a great addition to MCU to see them repeat their roles as Mystique and Wolverine, respectively. Not to mention, now that Deadpool has found its way to the MCU and already has a connection to the X-Men, it should be relatively easy for Marvel Studios to incorporate the rest of the X-Men somewhere down the line.

In fact, some Marvel fans are actually surprised that the original X-Men have not already returned to take the MCU by storm. Ever since Evan Peters appeared in WandaVision as a version of Quicksilver, there have been a lot of theories circulating on the internet about how the rest of the X-Men will be brought back into the fold.

So between the individual popularity of the franchise and the connection they have to Deadpool, it seems reasonable to assume that the return of all the X-Men actors would have a reaction close to the one one got from No way home. Other than that, the Spider-Man strategy should be put to rest for all other future projects.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is in the cinema now.

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