Olivia Munn, you just could not speak to the press

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Olivia Munn knows what everyone is saying about her and, shocks, she does not like it.

The actress is inexplicably still participating in a press release for her film Violet, which hit theaters last month, and took the time in a recently released interview to address the ongoing drama surrounding her pregnancy with one of the Internet’s ex-boyfriends, John Mulaney.

In the conversation with LA Times, Munn said that “it’s certainly not foreign to me to make people speculate wrong about things and to make rumors run wild in one way.”

“They think they know our relationship so well. When in fact they do not. There is no way anyone could know what his relationship was or what our relationship is,” she told the Times.

It is noteworthy that the Times calls for Munn to speak in the present. Is this fighting the recent rumors that the duo have split up? Maybe, but Munn is a mother. She told the publication that she does not want to “feed into a narrative that is just not true” and added that people “ignore really specific public signs and actions that completely contradict the false narrative.”

“For whatever reason, it’s easier to blame me,” she said. “If I try to say something, I risk being called messy or not telling the truth. The only way to win, for me, is to retire and not play the game at all. ”

Hmm. One could argue that it is to play the game in an interview in a national newspaper, but of course Olivia. Either way, I’m deeply unclear as to what “really specific public signs and actions” are being ignored here.

If you assume you have not been under a rock in recent months, you know that Munn has been romantically entangled in Mulaney for several months now. While two rich and objectively hot people having sex are usually not surprising, the couple has made thousands of headlines because their relationship seemed to coincide with the end of Mulaney’s marriage to Anna Marie Tendler, which he often overturned in his stand-up routines. To add even more intrigue, the shit really hit the tab when Mulaney announced that Munn was pregnant with her baby in September.

The pregnancy revelation packed a one-to-one punch for longtime fans of Mulaney. First, the comedian said earlier – repeatedly – he would not have children. Second, the timeline here is suspicious. Mulaney allegedly filed for divorce from Tendler in May 2021; a few weeks later he was set out for lunch with Mouth.

Munn dodoes not owe the public an explanation or a division of her the timeline of the relationshipthough we would all definitely eat one up if it were provided. But the reality is that she chose to have a child with a man who has long been the Ultimate Wife Guy, and that will make the rumor mill go into overdrive.

May we suggest that you simply … not talk to any journalists anymore? Winter is coming after all. Stay inside, lock the doors, and throw your phone in the sea a little.


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