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On The Late Show, Daniel Radcliffe will not explain why his Miracle Workers pastor is wearing assless chaps

Daniel Radcliffe, Stephen Colbert

Daniel Radcliffe, Stephen Colbert
Screenshot: The late show

For a 32-year-old who has been in the show business for more than 20 years, Daniel Radcliffe does more than okay. Having been honest about his Harry Potter-are problems with alcohol (partly driven by being Harry Potter), the former child star (and legitimate adult movie star) has created a refreshingly eclectic path after the end of the franchise that started his career. About goes stronger on Broadway or playing one undercover skinhead, a guy forced to do unspeakable things against his parasitic body, a hornhead devil-guyor even a “prutty boner lig, “Daniel Radcliffe is clearly playing for pretty much everything. (Including clap back against high profile ingenuity by the author himself, whose books initially catapulted him to fame.)

And if you were sitting there wondering if the gung-ho-performing spirit stretches to make an anachronistic sexy dance to a disco-celebrated, royalty-free “She Coming ‘Round The Mountain” while wearing purple, spangly assless chaps , Yes that Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail star answered the question definitively on Wednesday Sent show. Featuring Stephen Colbert praising Radcliffe’s gameplay with a clip from the era-jumping TBS series of Radcliffe’s Old West priest seducing seductively in front the confused patrons of a cowboy-packed salon (co-star Steve Buscemi thought about it, at least), the actor vehemently refused to explain himself. “The less context people have on that clip, the better,” teased Radcliffe, luring live Sent show audience to perhaps check out the third season of reliably entertaining Miracle workers.

Colbert repeated some more good sports behavior from Radcliffe and threw all the way back to a clip from 2020 where Radcliffe (Colbert’s first home-pandemic Zoom interview) played together when The late show‘s stumbling first attempt to make a show from Colbert’s house ran in some technical difficulties. In that no one could hear the other, Radcliffe left that old pantomime answer to what he imagined was Colbert’s question. Radcliffe appeared in person at the Ed Sullivan Theater on Wednesday, apologizing if all this lockdown rust left him unable to do the traditional chit-chat in the studio, but he was fine talking both to and in front of real people.

He even accurately avoided Colbert’s attempt to have his home flooded with swag, explaining, “I do not even want to play this game,” when Colbert asked if there were pandemic hobbies. he was currently to. When Radcliffe disappeared, then as a child, when he inadvertently mentioned how cool wolves were, an avalanche of wolf material was brought to his soon-to-be-broken parents’ house, and while a recent tongue-in-cheek regarding his pandemic Lego habit was a kind of welcome in a piece time he has learned his lesson the hard way. Colbert offered no such restraint, explaining that his pandemic predilection for “high-end bourbon” is ripe to encourage fans. (Find The late show mailing address here.)

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