First winners of VaxMillions Giveaway will be announced

The first winners of the VaxMillions Giveaway, which is only open to fully vaccinated Massachusetts residents, were announced Thursday. Darell Washington, 63, of Weymouth, won the $ 1 million award, and Daniela Maldonado, 15, of Chelsea, won the $ 300,000 college scholarship announced by Governor … Read More

Second quarter market insight in 8 charts

U.S. stocks continued to march higher in the second quarter of 2021, pulling up many previously undervalued stocks as pandemic restrictions continued to fade and more people returned to work. Monumental stimulus has provided tailwinds for markets since the spring of 2020, and in June, … Read More

Internet computer (ICP) is rising despite fluctuating currency value

BeInCrypto – Within 10 weeks of launch, blockchain Internet Computer (ICP) has attracted 500 developers and nearly 250,000 users of its applications. Decentralized applications (dApps) are already running on the network. According to the Swiss Dfinity Foundation, which runs the project, these apps are similar … Read More

Clint Barton meets Kate Bishop in Hawkeye’s first look

Clint Barton meets Kate Bishop in Hawkeye first look | Skip to content Top navigation Close this dialog window Explore Close this dialog window Share and more Close this dialog window See picture Clint Barton finally meets Kate Bishop in Hawkeye first look … Read More