Peacemaker’s Batman insult was hardly approved by DC

Series creator James Gunn says DC initially refused a profane Peacemaker joke that questioned superhero Batman’s toughness.

James Gunn says DC barely approved of the fun Founder of Peace Batman insult. Gunns The suicide group spinoff has finally arrived on HBO Max, with John Cena back in the role of DC Comics’ Peacemaker.

It’s obviously too early to say what Founder of Peace season 1 will eventually do historically, but it’s already certain that the show is willing to go pretty much anywhere when it comes to swear words and horror. The first part of Founder of Peace in fact, threw the glove down on content by going to a shocking place in referring to other characters from the DC universe. At one point in the episode, Peacemaker gets into an argument about Aquaman – being treated like a real person inside Founder of Peace the universe – which sees him accuse Arthur Curry of participating in unnatural acts with fish. Later, Peacemaker claims that Superman has a stool fetish, and then gets into an argument about Batman, who sees him jokingly calling Caped Crusader a “p — y” for not killing people.


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It is perhaps not surprising to learn that DC took a problem with Peacemaker letting other famous characters from the pages of their comics plague such heinous insults. As series creator Gunn explained THR’s TV’s Top 5 podcast (via TVLine), DC had a particular problem with the Peacemakers’ Batman insult, admitting to being confused about their reasoning when it came to what crossed the line and what did not:

“I was very surprised because they were not so happy that Peacemaker called Batman ap-y. I’m like, ‘But he talks about all these other horrible things about all these other superheroes that are much worse than calling Batman for ap-y. ‘ Not only that, Batman is the only one he makes a fair point about; everyone else, he really just believes in things he reads on the Internet, everything he thinks is nonsense, and Batman is the only one who have a point of view that makes any sense. “

“I do not know why he calls Batman ap-y is potentially more offensive than him saying Superman [has a poop fetish]. I do not understand why one was brought up and one was not. ”

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But despite their occasional objections to some of his more exaggerated humor, Gunn insists that DC “were large“overall adds”They let me get away with what I got away with at the end of the day“Of course it’s natural to expect a show like Founder of Peace to have fun with other characters in the DC universe as it tries to be fun and disrespectful. But it’s perhaps a little surprising that the show clowns characters like Batman and Aquaman in a really profane and insulting way, even with an unlimited writer-director like Gunn at the helm.

In the end, it’s pretty refreshing to realize that Founder of Peace is willing to have fun with the DC universe and maybe even flirt with crossing the line in some of his insults. The humor of the show actually places it right in the same room as movies like e.g. The suicide group (no surprise) and Birds of prey, comic frolic who have some degree of character development but who do not feel super-married to the rest of the DCEU. That DC is willing to let Gunn go to the places he enters Founder of Peace clearly bodes well for the future of the DC universe on HBO Max and in theaters, as it proves that the company is willing to let creative people be creative and bring their own unique spins to the various characters and stories they tackle – even if it means that other DC characters sometimes take it on the chin in the process.

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Source: THR’s Top 5 podcast (via TVLine)

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