Personal trainer goes TikTok viral after body positive videos

A personal trainer who lost more than 100 pounds on his own weight loss journey has gone viral on TikTok for his body positive videos.

Nicki Georgiou, who has lived in Wootton Bassett and Swindon all his life, has lost about seven and a half stones since 2015.

She has gone from size 20 to size 10, but still has days when she does not feel safe on her body.

Despite Nicki’s reluctance to post a video about premenstrual syndrome when she felt bloated, she was shocked after the TikTok went viral, garnering more than 2.5 million views and 160,000 likes. She now has almost 12,000 followers on the app.

The 29-year-old said: “I always feel under pressure to write on social media in a flattering light and always post the happy, positive, perfect fitness and food version of me.

“I did not feel very good about myself that day and felt like an absolute potato.

“But I accidentally posted the video and did not think about it at first.

“It went crazy and women commented that they felt down, but this video helped them feel better.

Swindon Advertiser:

“It made me realize that people are crying out for a little more authenticity when it comes to social media.

The constantly positive fitness image can play into people’s perfectionist mentality when it comes to weight loss and changing your lifestyle for the better.

“Often people miss a workout or eat an unhealthy meal and fall off the cart because they feel bad after seeing these perfect pictures. But it’s normal to have those days – personal trainers miss out on exercise and eat chocolate.

“Instagram is very filtered and a bit like a portfolio of your life, whereas TikTok is more authentic and realistic.”

In the video, Nicki poses in her training set while the text reads: “I am a personal trainer. I have to have my period and I have eaten a lot of food. It is my current body. I feel so bloated and ugly right now.

“As women, our bodies change so much during the month. This is hard to write, but hopefully it normalizes it.”

Nicki first started her weight loss journey in 2015 when she decided she wanted to make some changes in her sedentary lifestyle.

She fell in love with fitness and in 2018 had qualified as a personal trainer and completed her diploma alongside her job at Thames Water.

She added: “It has transformed me into a completely different person. The strength I feel about lifting weights has ricocheted me to other parts of my life.”

Nicki now rents out space at PureGym in Mannington Retail Park for her sessions with customers.

She plans to continue publishing more ‘authentic’ fitness posts on TikTok and Instagram. Search for @nickigeorgiou on both platforms to follow her journey.

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