Phil Lewis to sue Steve Riley over the LA Guns name: ‘It Was F ** Ked Up’

PHIL LEWIS to sue STEVE RILEY over LA GUNS Name: 'It Was F ** ked Up'

Phil Lewis has ruled on the out-of-court settlement of the legal dispute over its rights LA GUNS name. Under the terms of the April 2021 settlement agreement, he and the guitarist are Tracii Guns will continue to operate during LA GUNS trademark while Steve Riley and his bandmates from the second version of LA GUNS will now operate under the new name RILEY’S LA GUNS.

Talking to Jeff Gaudiosi from the singer said: “Unfortunately, it required us to go to court and spend a lot of money on lawyers. And it actually required Hi m” – Referring to Steve – “to spend a lot of money on lawyers when he could have just been a gentleman about it in the first place and state his name to make it clear. But he was adamant in interviews that he says: ‘No, we are not “Change our name. Why should we? We have as much, as much right to it as they have.” And it was fucked up.And so it was necessary for us to use one shit money to solve this. Now it’s resolved, I do not care. He can go out. It does not bother me as long as he has itRiley‘prefix and there is no confusion. For they exploited it, and it was put together to exploit confusion. It was put together for awful, awful reasons, and when you do something for all the wrong reasons, it rarely succeeds.

“Since the reunification [between Tracii and me], we’ve been on such a roll and it was something fucked that we had to stop and deal with it, ” Phil added. “But the pandemic actually worked in our favor, because it stopped us both from playing. And it’s resolved, and now we’re just moving on.”

RILEY’S LA GUNS functions Riley along with Orlando, Florida-based guitarist / vocalist Kurt Frohlich, bassist Kelly Nickels (member of the LA GUNS‘”classical” incarnation) and guitarist Scott Griffin (who played bass for the band from 2007 to 2009, and then again from 2011 to 2014).

In January 2020, Riley was sued by Lewis and Arms in California District Court. Participant Riley as defendants in the case were the three musicians who appeared in his rival version of LA GUNS; the leader of this group, booking agent and merchandiser; and Golden Robot Records. The plaintiff, who requested a trial by the jury, asserted that Rileys version of LA GUNS (in the case referred to as “the infringing LA GUNS“) created” unfair competition “through its unauthorized use of LA GUNS trademark. Besides, Arms and Lewis sought exemption from and / or against false advertising, breach of contract and unauthorized use of their similarities.

Back in May, Tracii told The SDR show on the legal dispute with Riley: “We ended up settling in a way that pretty much, [Steve] licenses the words LA GUNS for free; I do not even ask for a percentage of when he plays. I’m just saying, ‘Hey, I could have taken your house. I could have taken anything you own. But I do not want you to die on the streets, and I do not want you to be poor. ‘ And I really love his son, Cole. It’s just reached the point with all these lawsuits …

“I live in Denmark half the time, so when we did what is called a mediation, that mediation started at 23 Danish time, and it was nine hours,” he continued. “And I just had a baby. And my wife and my baby were in the bedroom, and I’m in the living room, and this is our first apartment there, which’s 72 square meters – it’s tiny. And I’m I’m up and I’m doing this mediation, and finally it has just reached the point where [we were] just going back and forth and I’m like, ‘How can I easily make sense of it?’ Because in the end, they had no quarrel. ‘Well, I’m in LA GUNS. ‘ That was the argument. No, you are not – you are not LA GUNS. You were hired by me. The bassist guy was hired by me. And it’s that simple. But if you want to pretend that you invented the name, or that you formed the band, or that it was your musical vision, or that you even wrote a damn song, you can go live in that fantasy, as long as it does not violate my business. “

LA GUNS‘new study album, “Checkered past”, has just been released via Frontiers Music Srl.

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