Picture this: Jared Kushner burns with a dagger and two swords

Remember Jamal Khashoggi? The American resident and Saudi Arabian dissident are said to be kidnapped and cut to pieces with a bone saw, allegedly in the order of magnitude Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a cruel murder Donald Trump let the guy get away even after Saudi Arabia admitted the assassination was premeditated and the CIA separately concluded that MBS directed it all? And that was what Trump boasted about Bob Woodward that he had “saved [the crown prince’s] ass, “he added,” I was able to get Congress to leave him alone “? That New York Times, it was formerly the first son-in-law Jared Kushner who urged Trump to “stand by” MBS and claimed that the outrage – about a man being cut – would simply blow over? According to a new report, it looks like young Kushner was well compensated for his loyalty!

In a Gange story detailing the many gifts the Trump administration received from foreign governments, and an inspector general’s investigation into a missing $ 5,800 bottle of Japanese whiskey given to Mike Pompeo (which per Times, Pompeo said he never received), a 22-carat gold coin given to another State Department official and allegations that “Mr. Trump’s political nominee left with thousands of dollar gift bags destined for foreign leaders in the group. of 7 summits scheduled for Camp David in 2020, ”comes this funny detail:

In addition, the Trump administration never revealed that Jared Kushner, Mr. , after he left the office.

It obviously raises more questions than it answers. Because the gifts were paid for, and Kushner presumably kept the possession of them, what special showcase does he keep them in? Does he show them to visitors and say, “These are from my friend MBS, you know, the one who had a man cut into small pieces”? And perhaps most importantly, how many times a week do you think he takes swords and daggers out to play with them, and how many times have Ivanka had to take him to the emergency room for stitches despite having told him on several occasions, “Jared, it’s not toys”? Questioning minds want to know.

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The Texas governor is facing private companies that want their employees to live

In one corner you have companies like Southwest and American Airlines that do not want their employees to die an easily prevented death. In the other is there Greg Abbott. By Bloomberg:

American Airlines Group Inc., the largest American airline and No. 4 Southwest Airlines Co. will follow the President Joe Biden‘s mandate requiring employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19 defies an order from the governor of Texas blocking such actions. The decisions Tuesday posed an immediate challenge to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of two of the state’s largest corporations. Businesses operating in Texas like the two airlines have been caught between Abbott’s decree and a White House measure that says federal contractors must demand the shots.

Abbott’s move to counter the White House action came amid a national debate over vaccine mandates that has engulfed corporate America as it seeks to comfort customers, employers and regulators. Some large oil and gas companies with operations in Texas, such as Royal Dutch Shell Plc, said they were still considering the ban, and others, including Valero Energy Corp., declined to comment. “No entity in Texas can force the receipt of a Covid-19 vaccination by any person, including an employee or consumer,” Abbott said in his statement Monday. He plans to put his ban ahead of a special session of the state House and Senate that would allow the Republican-controlled legislature to anchor its ordinance into law.


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