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Play at NASCAR for beginners

( – Betting on NASCAR is one of the most popular betting options for motorsport fans, with a massive sequel in North America and more races taking place on various racetracks almost every week from February to early November.

NASCAR runs various series and styles of racing, the most popular being Truck Series, Xfinity Series and Cup Series racing. Most sportsbooks offer NASCAR betting on all of these events.

Learning to bet on NASCAR is pretty straightforward if you know what to look for each week. Here are some basic bets and tips to get your engines started.

How NASCAR Betting Works

NASCAR races are held on different track layouts and run different distances. They also take place in different climates and temperatures – all of which affect the course of the race.

Betting sites set their NASCAR odds based on a driver’s current form, their history on specific tracks and track formats. Other aspects such as the overall running team’s success, qualifying times and starting position, pre-race preparation / accidents and car manufacturer are also calculated in odds.

NASCAR betting lines explained

Unlike sports like football or basketball, which have massive odds menus, NASCAR bets are usually limited to a handful of different bet types for each race depending on the sports book. NASCAR odds are most often displayed in US odds.

Race winner

This is the simplest way to bet on NASCAR. You choose which driver you think will win the race. These odds are heavily based on current form and track history, but the numbers are also moving because many fans are getting sidelined with their favorite driver. Race-winner odds are displayed in a long list of drivers with an odds value assigned to each one.

Here is an example of the five best favorites for a given race:

Driver Odds
Denny Hamilton +750
Brad Keselowski +950
Ryan Blaney +1100
Kevin Harvick + 1,300
Kyle Larson +1,500

Head to head

Head-to-head betting pits two drivers against each other and players can choose which driver they think will finish ahead of the other. Each rider is assigned an odds value based on current and past success as well as the starting position of the race.

Here is an example of a match-to-head matchup for a given race:

Driver Odds
Denny Hamilton -130
Brad Keselowski +100

Finish props

If you think a driver wants a good race but are not sure they will finish first, you can bet on them finishing in the Top 3, Top 5 and Top 10. These odds provide a shorter payout than odds of winning the race, but offers less risk due to the larger selection of possible end positions.

Here is an example of goal odds for drivers in a given race:

Driver Top 3 Top 5 Top 10
Denny Hamilton +300 +150 -200
Brad Keselowski +350 +175 -150
Ryan Blaney +350 +175 -150
Kevin Harvick +450 +200 -100
Kyle Larson +550 +300 +100

Six other popular NASCAR bets

Here are some other NASCAR bets you can look at in your sportsbook.1

NASCAR futures

NASCAR futures odds allow you to bet on long-term results as the driver to win the Cup Series Championship. These odds will adapt to records and events over the course of a season and slim down only to drivers who qualify for each stage of the playoffs.

Producer odds

Bet on which car manufacturer the race winner is driving. These odds are based on season records as well as past success on the track and race type. Cup Series racing includes cars from Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota.3

Stage winners

NASCAR races are divided into stages, and some betting sites offer derivative odds that the driver wins a certain step in the race. 4


In the same way as head-to-head odds, speed lanes match three or more riders against each other, and players can choose which one will have the best finish position during the race.5

Live odds

Some sports books offer live odds, also known as in-play betting, on races as they take place, and constantly adjust these odds to the events on the court.6

Race props

At major NASCAR events, such as the Daytona 500, betting sites offer deals or race props. These odds can be based on events during the race, such as the number of crashes, the number of caution flags or an Over / Under for the finished position for selected drivers.

NASCAR betting tips and strategies

There’s a lot more to NASCAR than just turning left over and over again. And there is a lot more to bet on than just choosing the best drivers.

Nascar trackHorses for courses

Many NASCAR drivers excel at specific lane types, such as superspeedways, roadcourse, or short-track oval. Find out which type of track best suits your favorite drivers before placing your bets.

Covers Global Two Color Dice FireMomentum

Like a baseball pitcher getting locked inside or a basketball player with a warm hand, NASCAR drivers can go on streaks, either win straight or finish within the Top 5 or Top 10. On the back, drivers can also get stuck in downturns. Pay attention to consistent effort and newer form when placing your bets.

Free choiceMotivation

Some drivers are out to win the race, while others are running for points. Depending on where they sit in the point position and the cut-off for qualifying for the playoffs, motivation can vary from race to race. A driver who does not have to take the checkered flag but only earn points by staying on the track does not offer the same value to win as a driver who is desperate for a great performance. Always pay attention to the game plan.

Nascar Pit CrewTeams and crews

While there is only one driver behind the wheel, NASCAR is a team sport. The many factions help their teammates on the racetrack, especially if one of them has a fast car that day. Pit crews and crew chiefs also affect a driver’s performance, so monitor the effectiveness of these crews and for any changes that may slow the team down. Every second counts.

PositionQualification and cars

NHL betting trends can help point you in the direction of value. Prolonged tendencies can sometimes be misleading as teams, players and coaches change season to season. But seasonally focused trends and recent trend results – especially those with a narrative or clear explanation – can be very profitable.

Hockey has a busier schedule with teams in action three or four times a week, meaning these trends are transferred from game to game more often compared to trends for football watching a week between competitions.

Free choiceFree choice

Qualifying and practice races provide insight into how a car performs on a particular track, and also if adjustments are needed. Most teams have several cars with one designated as No. 1 for that race. If something should happen to the top car before the race – like a crash in qualifying – the team must drive to get the backup car adapted to the track.

Best NASCAR sports books for beginners

Covers’ team of betting experts has thoroughly researched the Internet’s large collection of online sports books so you do not have to. Here is the best online sports books so you can get started betting on NASCAR races.

These betting sites are licensed and reliable websites and offer great sign up bonuses, lots of convenient and fast banking options and great odds for rookie players.

NASCAR betting forum

Want to learn more about how to play at NASCAR and meet a large, knowledgeable community? Check Covers’ NASCAR betting forum to get choices, ask questions and learn from experienced sports players.

Instant Play: How to play NASCAR

If you are learning to bet on NASCAR, keep these key points in mind:

  • NASCAR has three main series: Cup, Xfinity and Truck Series.
  • NASCAR odds are based on current form, but also past successes on different tracks.
  • Some drivers specialize in specific lane types and struggle with others.
  • Race-winning odds and head-to-head driver matchups are the most common betting markets.

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