Poison Ivy’s new ‘Reborn’ costume is a gift for cosplayers

Poison Ivy has already debuted a new look for DC’s Fear State event, but now she has another one and it mixes the best elements of her personality.

Warning: contains large spoilers for Batman # 117!

Thanks to Batman and his newest staff, Ivy has returned in style, with a new one costume. Batman # 117 not only tells the next step in Ivy’s development, but it also gives her a different outfit. Queen Ivy and Poison Ivy have reunited in a beautiful fusion.

DCs Fear state the event involved two separate versions of Poison Ivy thanks to the craftsmanship of Simon Saint. One half, known as Queen Ivy, is powerful, though her compassion is lacking; Queen Ivy and introduced a completely its own look. The other side is the best thing about Pamela Isley – this Poison Ivy is full of innocence, hope and empathy. Now the two are brought together again and the result has new cosplay potential.


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Poison Ivy is a popular DC character for cosplayers. She has had several appearances over the years, from her early introduction to her film debut. She has since had several variations within the comics. Batman # 117—which has the creative team of Becky Cloonan, Michael Conrad, James Tynion IV, Jorge Corona and Jorge Jimenez – introduces a brand new one. Her latest outfit blends her Queen Ivy look with her traditional costume, creating a beautiful mash-up that fans are likely to emulate soon. Poison Ivy remains true to her roots, but channels her recent changes into a sleek ensemble that simplifies the character and gives her a visual foundation.

Previously, Queen Ivy had several vines and floral details put on her design. The missing piece of Poison Ivy wore her signature outfit – a simple botanical piece. Both have come together now, with a look that combines the traditional look with some sleek and powerful elements. Her upper part is more reminiscent of the one worn by her royal self. This adds a new layer of dimension to the usual botanical top. Poison Ivy’s her hair is also straightened back in a new style that reads heavily compared to her previously flowing locks in both her halves. To top it all off, Poison Ivy also gets a pair of gorgeous dark green thigh-high boots, edged with flowers. This outfit takes both her halves and fuses them evenly together without losing any of the dominant elements displayed in her division.

This outfit is much more simplistic than her Queen Ivy, which could make it an easier ensemble for cosplayers to assemble. It also peels back the layers of Ivy, leaving her as her true self instead of a cold skull of who she once was. One of Poison Ivy’s greatest strengths is her passion – even though it leans heavily in favor of the plants. While her latest outfit was amazing, that version of her was not who she really is. This Ivy fashion statement goes back to the basics without losing the character’s recent development in Gotham’s ever-changing landscape, which has been under the influence of the judge. The extra layer on the top adds a down-to-earth tone to Poison Ivy’s outfit – an element that is not often taken into account. It lands her in a beautiful way and really embraces her character. Without the compassion returned to her through the love of Harley Quinn, Ivy could never reach her true potential. Ivy would not have this amazing new one either costume for cosplayers to showcase.

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