Pokémon BDSP brings Diamond Dust Easter Egg back from original games

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have returned Diamond Dust Easter Egg from the original games that change Snowpoint CIty.

A special Easter egg from Pokémon diamond and Pearl is shown to have been brought back in the remakes to celebrate director Junichi Masuda’s birthday. Junichi Masuda is one of the current directors of Pokémon franchise, even though he has not been the CEO of one Pokémon games ever since Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Diamond Dust is a special Easter egg that has appeared in the series since the fourth generation. A special type of snow dust would fall on places like Snowpoint City to celebrate special events. This includes Junichi Masuda’s birthday and the anniversary of game releases like Pokémon Emerald and Pokémon diamond and Pearl. This Easter egg even carried as far as Pokémon Sun and Moon, where Diamond Dust would fall on the player’s birthday at Mount Lanakila.


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According to Joe Merrick from Serebii.net (via Game pot), this Easter egg is shown to be present in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and shiny pearl on January 12th. Diamond Dust is shown to fall in Snowpoint City, creating a truly fascinating scene. In addition, Pokémon encounter rates and hatch rates are also polished for the specific day, and like Pokémon diamond and Pearl, there are other days that provide the same benefits that are listed on Serebii.net.

Junichi Masuda is also known for a shiny Pokémon hunting method named after him called the Masuda method. The method involves breeding with a Pokémon in another language. When you use an alien Pokémon, the odds of hatching a shiny Pokémon increase drastically. Ditto is the ideal foreign Pokémon to use for this method due to being able to breed with any Pokémon, and the odds of hatching a shiny one can be increased even more with the shiny charm. Coincidentally, this method was first introduced in Pokémon diamond and Pearl.

The fact that this Easter egg from the original 2006 release is being transferred to the remakes is yet another appreciated attention to detail in these games. Besides being just a fun way to celebrate Junichi Masuda’s birthday, the beautiful scenery and benefits of the game provide a good reason to start Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and shiny pearl on that day. There are also Easter eggs that potentially refer to future release Pokémon Legends: Arceus, such as suggesting the possible inclusion of Hisuian Qwilfish. This shows it Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl has Easter eggs that refer to both past and future releases.

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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and shiny pearl are available now on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Joe Merrick / Twitter, Gamespot

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