Presidents and Congress do not provide compensation

President Biden and other people are pushing for illegal immigrant families to receive compensation for being separated from their relatives in the United States

Not 40 acres and one mule per. family, mind you. But $ 450,000 per person per family.

Repair – or how you now propose to deepen the problem – is in the news again because Mr. The bite does not appear to shake itself loose.

Here is the way the dictionary defines damages and synonyms for damages: to compensate for a mistake one has made by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged; “the courts demanded that a convicted perpetrator provide financial compensation to his victim.”

Synonyms: change, restitution, compensation, compensation, compensation, indemnity, solatium, repayment, atonement, indemnity, indemnity.

So it takes Democrats with clarity and rigid backbone to present the issue in a perspective that even Mr Biden can understand.

Former Virginia Gov. L. Douglas Wilder explained the issue quite clearly Thursday to The Washington Times’ Seth McLaughlin: “When you say to the American people, you are going to spend countless billions of dollars on people illegally here and those who have been here struggling to climb the ladder for years has not been given a chance, then it becomes a problem. ”

If you did not know it or did not care, then Mr. Wilder sort. A black democrat. A black Democrat who served as governor and lieutenant governor south of the Mason-Dixon line. … In Virginia.

The reason we are discussing compensation for immigrants is that Mr. Biden, as I mentioned earlier, is considering making payments to illegal immigrants who claim to have been traumatized by family separations they have suffered from the Trump administration.

It certainly looks like the Democrats will cite the COVID-19 pandemic for everything that happened after the Biden inauguration – unless Trump & Co. are their autumn guys.

Immigrants, however, should prepare. The Democratic Party does not support compensation. They proved that to other Democrats and Congressional Black Caucus co-founder John Conyers each year by ignoring his annual bill to compensate black Americans and their enslaved ancestors.

No 40 acres, no mules, no checks, no direct deposits, no changes.

As it is, some people want illegals to pay for their own trip back to their home countries.

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