Ralph Macchio is still not a big fan of The Karate Kid 3

Ralph Macchio, The Karate Kid del III, Cobra Kai

It’s safe to say Karate Kid del III was not the highlight of the franchise. The film found John Kreese trying to take revenge on Daniel and Miyagi with the help of Terry Silver, a wealthy businessman who served with Kreese during the Vietnam War. During the course of the film, Daniel was pulled into the net by Terry Silver, who trained him using brutal methods. Karate Kid 3 was pretty much smashed by the release and star Ralph Macchio is still not a fan.

Ralph Macchio spoke to THR about Karate Kid 3 and why he does not like the film as much as the others.

I was not a fan of how Karate Kid 3 come out. I felt that the story only repeated itself and was not character forwarding to the end of LaRusso. And in terms of production, it was written in one way and then changed in another way. It was not a smooth ride. Eventually there were parts of the character that I did not embrace as well as I did with the original and the first sequel. I do not put it at the top of my resume.

That said, Ralph Macchio added that he’s grateful for that Karate Kid 3 given such inspiration for the recent season of Cobra Kai. “It gives us so much history,said Macchio. “And what’s so wonderful about doing that Cobra Kai series, the creators find ways to take that story and let it evolve and find back stories for characters that may be thinly written.“Macchio continued:”There is one element that is greater than life Cobra Kai. When you break it down, it’s a little ridiculous – but that’s why it’s so much fun! So you take a character like Terry Silver to this show with the bigger elements than life and his relationship with Daniel, and then add those layers of complexity to his evil. And now it’s going to be a refined show. On top of that, from Daniel’s perspective as an adult, we’re now adding other efforts and elements about his own children and students. It is noteworthy that what I would call the shortcomings of the original franchise are now bearing fruit 36 ​​years later.“As we know, Terry Silver has a big role to play Cobra Kai‘s fourth season and his return were part of the plan right from the start.

The fourth season of Cobra Kai is now streaming on Netflix and you can watch a review from our very own Alex Maidy right here.

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