RE Village missed the perfect opportunity to get to know the Duke

No one is more mysterious than the Duke of Resident Evil Village, and Capcom missed the perfect opportunity to expand its character.

Out of all the characters introduced in Resident Evil Village, no one is more mysterious than The Duke and Capcom missed the perfect opportunity to expand his character. Players learn very little about this peculiar store owner throughout the game. He shows up when the main character, Ethan Winters, needs him most to supply ammunition, weapon upgrades, and recipes. The Duke can also make special meals for players to permanently improve their stats, such as reducing the damage by blocking. After cooking each recipe, he suggests that there is enough food for Ethan, but none of the characters say more. This moment should have been used as an opportunity for players to learn more about both The Duke and the village.


[Warning – minor spoilers for Resident Evil Village follow.]

Some of the franchise’s best characters appear in Resident Evil Village, from design to narrative depth, everyone in the game has a distinct personality and feels like they are part of the world. Players spend almost the entire game being chased and beaten by all sorts of monsters, such as lycans, and Ethan Winters meets face to face with the four lords of the village early in the story and has to find his way through a deadly attack by terrifying creatures for to save his daughter Rose from Mother Miranda. In the midst of this chaos, it’s where players meet the strange and larger store owner known as The Duke.

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From the moment he was introduced, The Duke became a favorite Resident Evil character, with his happy attitude and evil sense of humor. As they run and defend themselves against all the dangers found in the game, players encounter various animals they can hunt for ingredients. The Duke suggests there is enough food from the meals he prepares to share with Ethan, but the players are left with only the statistical upgrade. While there are more details about the village throughout the game, players need to gather information not only from Resident Evil The village itself, but from events that occur in other notable installments in the franchise, e.g. Resident Evil 4. The Duke is often used to shed light on the four gentlemen, Mother Miranda and Rose’s involvement in their plot. Each meal could have been an opportunity for The Duke to share more with the players RE lore, which acts as a bonus reward on top of the stats increases.

Little is known about the strange store owner in Resident Evil Village

The Duke is a very bizarre character who always appears when he is most needed in the game. In addition to selling players a selection of items, he also acts as something of a guide. The Duke suggests where Ethan should go to save his daughter, which inadvertently helps destroy the four gentlemen and Mother Miranda in the process. Before the final battle, the Duke regrets that the village, his place of business, has been destroyed. Ethan then asks him who he is, but the duke just answers, “Even I can not quite answer that, “creates a mysterious shroud over the man’s origins.

With the game is full of relentless unrest, caused by Resident Evil Village‘s Four Lords, the humorous store owner is a welcome face for gamers. The Duke often passes on important details to Ethan throughout his journey, which he apparently should not know, which adds to his inexplicable nature. While his whereabouts remain unknown at the end of the game, it is possible that this pleasure of a character may appear in the sequel to Resident Evil Village. Maybe it will finally be the opportunity to get to know him better – even if it’s not over a hot meal.

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