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Timothée Chalamet as Paul in Dune.

Paul looks like he’s ready to read, right?
Photo: Warner Bros.

Watching a movie is one thing. Reading one is something completely different– which, admittedly, sounds like the most obvious statement ever written: “rreading is different from seeing. “You are welcome to the ingenious insight. But seriously, when it comes to a movie, the dynamics between the media are a bit more complex, and if you want, you can see exactly how, when it comes to several major 2021 award challenges.

We all know that a great script is the backbone of a great movie. You almost never have a great movie without a good script, some documentaries and improvisational films aside (although they usually have some kind of script or outline, but I deviate). And seeing how a writer conveys the ideas for a story on the page can sometimes be quite different from how you see brought to life on screen. Unless the author is also the director, once the script leaves the author, dozens upon dozens of people will shape that vision. Ultimately, the director oversees them all and brings them into a coherent form, but actors, film photographers, production designers, editors, concept artists, and many more people take the written word and bring it to life in new and sometimes different ways.

So this is our long pitch on how, even if you’ve seen a great movie, you probably do not know everything about it unless you’ve read its script. And our friends at tThe film scene went around the internet and found the scripts for several 2021 award-winning challenges that have been made available to the public for free. The main reason for this is that price pickers read them for potential consideration, but that does not stop you from downloading them and enjoying them alone.

Go over to tthe movie scene for a comprehensive list of numerous dramas and comedies, but on the following links you can get scripts for these sci-fi and fantasy movie:

Yes, even Tomorrow’s war-onevery optimistic about Amazon’s pricing department, but for sure!

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