Republicans will definitely make life a hell of a lot for Democrats if they win Congress back

Shortly afterwards, he was censored on Wednesday for posting an insane murder fantasy about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Republican Rep. Paul Gosar– whose own family members describe him as “independent” and a “sociopath” – retweeted the offensive video and a “Gosar life” meme imagining him in a gold chain and sunglasses. In doing so, the Arizona congressman embodied the essence of Donald Trump‘s GOP: a party both dangerous in its extremism and pathetic in its idiocy, united not around a serious philosophy of government, but around trolling and accumulation of power.

If there was a time when this disease was limited to fringe radicals like Gosar, it is long gone; this plague has infected the entire GOP. You can cut off Gosar, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Lauren Boebert, there on the House Floor on Wednesday accused one of her colleagues to marry her brother and another to sleep with a Chinese spy, but that will not remove the rot. That insane post and anti-democratic planning and childish loyalty screening – these are not “self-inflicted injuries” that distract from the GOP project, as one Republican congressman put it to Politico after the Gosar debacle. This is The GOP project. “This nihilism runs deep,” Ocasio-Cortez said of her the word speech Wednesday. “It conveys and reveals a certain contempt for the meaning and significance of our work here, that what we do, as long as we claim it is a joke, does not matter; that what we are saying here does not matter; that our actions every day as elected leaders in the United States do not matter; that this chamber and what happens in it does not matter. ”

This GOP – so lacking in conviction, in moral leadership, in respect for the institutions they pretend to serve, in all but their own empty, ID-driven ambitions – is already very dangerous to work from the minority; you do not have to control Congress or the White House to erode democratic norms, lay eggs on vigilantes, and spread toxic conspiracy theories. But the party will surely become even more destructive if they are rewarded for their shameful fools with a return to power in the coming election cycles. Remember: This doubling of the most damaging aspects of Trumpism came after the former president lost re-election and Mitch McConnell lost the Senate. Think about what they will do if they are encouraged by actually win in 2022 midway. This actually does not require much imagination as they have explicitly said what is at the top of their agenda: Small acts of revenge against the Democrats. In fact, every time Democrats have tried to hold Republicans accountable for blatant violations, their counterparts have responded with threats to return the service, whether it is actually justified or not.

When Trump was sued for the second time earlier this year because of his role in inciting a violent attack on the Capitol, Republicans warned that they could retaliate in 2022, not only against the current president, but “former Democratic presidents. ” “Think about it,” GOP Senator John Cornyn said in January, the same month that Greene first began calling for Joe Biden‘s Supreme Court Case. Later in the winter, when Greene deservedly lost her committee duties, Republicans supported the QAnon-promoting congresswoman and called for a representative Ilhan Omar to be punished instead. (Minority leader Kevin McCarthy Thursday suggested that Gosar and Greene could get even “better committee assignments” if Republicans take the majority.) And after former Trump adviser Steve Bannon was indicted last week for defying a subpoena by the select committee investigating the January 6 uprising, GOP lawmakers responded again with promises of retaliation. “Now that the Democrats have started these politically motivated accusations of contempt for Congress,” Boebert said tweeted, “I look forward to seeing their reactions when we retain the same energy when we take Parliament back next year.”

Following the Gosar censorship and committee removal on Wednesday, the cycle of repayment threats is repeated. In his outrageous remarks on the floor of the house, Boebert promised action against Eric Swalwell and Omar, whom she accused of being part of a “Jihad team.” Madison Cawthorn, another of the GOP’s most radical members, tweeted to “get ready for 2022.” “The Biden administration will not know what hit them,” he wrote. It was not just the “fringe” of the party. Rep. Don Bacon, one of only 37 Republicans who openly acknowledged Biden’s victory in 2020 in the month after the election, told Axios that Republican efforts to deprive Democrats of their committee duties “will happen” if they take Parliament back in 2022. McCarthy, who has design on Nancy Pelosi‘s hammer next year, accused her of “burning the house down on the way out the door” and explicitly threatened to exercise her potential majority against the Democrats, highlighting Omar, Swalwell and Maxine Waters as members he could deprive them of their committee posts. “Democrats want to change the rules,” he said, “but refuse to apply them to their own caucus.” (Meanwhile, former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows flowed the idea Thursday that Trump will be speaking if the Republicans take over Parliament.)


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