RHOA’s Lauren Williams defeats Dennis McKinley’s romance rumors

Lauren Williams addresses alleged relationship with Sister Porsha Williams' ex-fiancé Dennis McKinley

Porsha’s family means something star Lauren Williams speaks against the rumors that she is in a relationship with her sister, Porsha Williams former fiancé, Dennis McKinley.

Fans first got to know Lauren in season 5 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was always a pillar of strength and guidance for her older sister, Porsha. She also formed a sibling-like bond with Dennis. However, it seems that the media has taken that tape and distorted it since the couple’s breakup and insinuates that Lauren and Dennis are an object.

Talking to Distract, Lauren said all the speculation and rumors really bothered her.

“It made me really sad because they accuse me of having ulterior motives,” she said. “I’m only here to do good … Porsha knows what it was, Dennis knows what it was.”

Good on you, Lauren. Fans know that Lauren is on a spiritual journey and has a passion for meditation and yoga. We see no error here.

But how does Lauren feel about a reconciliation between Dennis and Porsha? It’s apparently not in the cards, though Lauren says emotions just don’t go away.

“Emotions do not disappear so quickly, but they broke up like a year before Porsha and [Simon Guabadia] was engaged, ”she said.

She also added that the co-parenting of their daughter Pilar AKA “PJ” is the sole and primary focus between Dennis and Porsha.

“I do not think they want to be together in any way, because they had the chance to be together,” Lauren continued. “And if it would have worked, it would have worked. They both moved on and went their separate ways. Their co-parenting relationship is their focus right now.”

So forward and upward. Now that more screen time and focus has been put on Lauren Porsha’s family means something the star admits the situation was a “scary” prospect.

In addition to filming confessions and scenes with her family, Lauren made it clear that she did not want to offend anyone because they are not in a cast, they are a family.

“We are not a cast. We are a family,” Lauren said. “We have real problems. These issues include children, they include houses, they include marriages and divorces. “

Lauren concluded by saying that she wants viewers to remember while watching the show [Porsha’s Family Matters] that they are keeping an eye on a family.

“There will be times when we have real anger and there are many times when we have real love. But – we are a family. It’s not a small thing for us. This is real. So I want that. people remember it when they see the program. “

In other news, a Porsha’s family means something The producer is seen shouting Porsha and her family for not acknowledging her messy feud with Dennis and his mother, Gina, in a sneak peek at the January 9 episode of the show.

‘No one acknowledges what happened last night. Like, if we’re talking about moving on, if everyone’s pretending it did not happen … I’m just wondering why? ” he asked.

Although fans will have to wait and see how the group responds to the manufacturer’s questions, Porsha’s cousin, Londie, is seen addressing the issue in a confessional.

“The producer has definitely made a point. It’s confusing, but no one just wants to throw someone under the bus, because in the end, these are all very successful black women and men. And I do not think anyone would want one person to take the whole the blame.

Porsha’s family means something sent on Sunday at 8 / 7c on Bravo.

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