Ridley Scott’s next movie Kitbag will have 6 great fight sequences

Ridley Scott’s next film, Kitbag, starring Joaquin Phoenix as French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte will have six major fight sequences.

Director Ridley Scott says his new Napoleon Bonaparte film, Kitbag, will contain no less than six combat sequences. Kitbag Joaquin Phoenix stars as Bonaparte, the famous French military leader who led and served in several military campaigns throughout his life, some of which were the bloodiest in history. The last duel‘s Jodie Comer will play alongside Phoenix as Josephine Bonaparte, his wife, with Kitbag production starts in January.

Scott is the director of several Hollywood hits specializing in historical epics, including the Oscar-winning one Gladiator with Russell Crowe. The famous director has dealt with a number of historical topics throughout his career, from The Kingdom of Heaven to 1492: Conquest of Paradise to Exodus: Gods and kings, and further. Scott’s productive nature has enabled him to create a massive work within the genre that encompasses a scope rarely captured by his film-making peers, and his next endeavor sounded even more ambitious.


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Talking to Deadline, Scott revealed it Kitbag will have no less than six major battle sequences, which are reduced from Napoleon’s 61 battles throughout his life. Scott says the film has more than 150 talking parts and will be filmed in several locations, which is in line with the course of his usual historical epic. Scott went on to discuss his rationale for tackling the story of Napoleon, which largely seems to stem from the desire to work with Phoenix and to tell the complex story of the relationship with his wife, as well as his historical struggles. Here is what he had to say:

I came in and said the sale for me was that I want Napoleon and I want Joaquin Phoenix and I just talked to Jodie Comer and I want her to be Josephine [Bonaparte] and the story is fundamentally locked in the need the two had for each other, and there is a story in that. On top of that, there is also his whole career – he played 61 games. I’m trying to tell the story where we see six important matches.

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When asked about his desire to make the great, sweeping epic films that have been so prominent in his career, Scott said he has a fascination with it, especially since people rarely learn from it, in his opinion, he said: “I have a fascination with the beauty of history and the beauty of architecture, the beauty of costumes, and you know, history repeats itself constantly because we learn nothing from history.” Scott’s latest historical film, The last duel, written by Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Nicole Holofcener, was a commercial flop but was well received critically.

At 84, Scott is still one of the most prolific filmmakers working today, having made nine feature films in the last decade, while producing six times that amount via his Scott Free banner for both film and tv. Scott is without a doubt an icon in the industry, representing decades of Hollywood’s most compelling, entertaining and epic films with no sign of slowing down. Kitbag and a successor to Gladiator is next on the list for the instructor.

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Source: Deadline

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