Right-wingers turn on Glenn Youngkin over his LGBTQ staff and vaccine rules

Chip Somodevilla

A serious case of buyer remorse seems to have occurred among some conservatives choice Glenn Youngkin as the next Republican governor of Virginia.

Over the past week, outrage has bubbled up among both right-wing and TrumpWorld allies, who are under the impression that Youngkin has insufficient MAGA loyalty, citing his hiring of an LGBTQ employee and his refusal to block COVID. related local mandates.

The hits began pouring in against the fleece-clad governor-elect earlier this week after he declared he would do not try to block local vaccine and mask mandates across Old Dominion – a break from more hardcore Republican governors like Florida Ron DeSantis.

Right-wing media figures almost immediately publicly began beating the elected governor. Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton raged against Youngkin for refusing to stand up against “abusive” mask mandates while the right wing leaves The Federalist threw him under the bus for not being a “strong conservative governor.”

Right-wing talk radio hosts also shook. John Fredericks, who hosts a radio program on the fringe channel True America’s voice, suggested that Youngkin had hit on the Trump base that helped elect him. “Two weeks, after his election, we are here: Once again with yet another RINO alarm,” he declared, accusing millionaire Virginia of Governor’s victory for being a “Republican Only In Name.” Fredericks continued to slam Youngkin over appearing only on his radio program as he “used” voices from Steve Bannon sidekicks’ hardcore MAGA fanbase.

Elsewhere, right-wing Youngkin ignited the offense of having an employee who identifies as part of the LGBTQ community.

Joshua Marin-Mora, a recent graduate of Georgetown University who became Youngkin’s press assistant, faced a flurry of right-wing hatred this week over “he / she” pronouns shown in his Twitter bio.

“So, Youngkin chose a guy with place words in his biography to make his communications, which also served on the Georgetown Latinx Leadership Forum and supports pretty much everything Youngkins voters voted against,” bragde Pedro L. Gonzalez, an author for the influential conservative think tank Claremont Institute, in a series of tweets. When other Twitter users found photos of Marin-Mora wearing LGBTQ Pride clothing, Gonzalez snarled, “The new GOP is actually worse than the old GOP.”

The long thread that attacked Marin-Mora was exalted by people like the Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec and right-wing extremist activist Lauren Witzke, while Fox News in particular contributes Guy Benson came to the young employee’s defense, and writes that the employee is “Latino & LGBTQ [and] has some heterodox political views (as most of us do) but is proudly center-right. And he worked to help Youngkin beat McAuliffe, especially among Hispanics. Good job, Glenn. “

Nevertheless, the existence of Marin-Mora on Youngkin’s team was enough for Gonzalez to declare that the incoming governor “sinks the knife into the backs of the people.” And former Newsmax host John Cardillo apologized that the LGTBQ employee was proof that “Youngkin will prove to be another disappointment in the establishment.”

Marin-Mora did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment. Nor does Youngkin’s communications director Matt Wolking, who took to Twitter to note that Marin-Mora is considered a “valued member” of the Republican politician’s team, and that the right-wing attacks on him are “ignorant and foolish.”

Questions have long been raised as to whether Youngkin’s loyalty will lie with Trump’s base or with the more moderate conservatives who voted for him throughout northern Virginia, a strong purple area of ​​the state.

In the final weeks of his campaign, Youngkin played his cards close to his chest as former President Donald Trump often extended support to the candidate trying to keep an arm’s length away from the ex-president. Ahead of the election in early November, countless MAGA allies perceived Youngkin’s delicate dance around the full embrace of Trump as nothing less than “brilliant. “

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