Robyn Brown: Stop blaming me for everything, fellow sisters! Sheesh!

At this point in the Sister Wives season, one thing is clear:

No one is happy.

Heck, there’s none close to be happy.

How extreme has the dissatisfaction just become?

robyn in the air

Janelle Brown cursed Kody Brown last Sunday.

It was wonderful.

For heck, even Robyn Brown, who has long been considered Kody’s favorite spouse, has found reasons to complain about season 16 and has actually taken issue with the spending. also much time with her husband.

On the 9th of January of this TLC series, Robyn will meanwhile repeat this unusual attitude.

robyn tired

“I did not sign up to be in this family just to have Kody in my life,” the mother of six will tell Meri before she suffocates.

“As much as I love Kody and it’s great to have him around, it stresses me out.

“I’m worried about the kids who do not see their father, and I’m worried about the wives who do not see Kody.”

In fact, Kody introduced a series of strict COVID-19 protocols in late 2020 (at the time when season 16 was filmed), and Robyn was the only sister-in-law willing to follow each and every one – which is why she has seen so much of Kody in the air these days.

Robyn Brown confesses in season 16

However, it’s not just the constant presence of her really annoying husband that has Robyn down.

It is also the reputation she has gained with her majority marriage.

“I’m so tired of this! I’ve been doing this for years, from day one, sitting here begging to be a part of this family,” Robyn said in a confessional Sunday with permission from a sneak peek from Us Weekly .

“And I’m tired of being questioned. I’m just tired of it. “

Robyn Brown in season 16

Come on, Robyn?

The issue at the heart of this complaint seems to be that Robyn feels as if she has never been accepted by her other spouses.

The youngest of all Kody’s sisters, Robyn is also his only one valid wife; the couple exchanged vows in 2014 after Meri filed for divorce from Meri.

In Sunday’s episode, Robyn’s semi will collapse over the feeling that she’s always to blame when things go wrong for the Browns.

Kody and Robyn for sister wives

“I called my mom and she just laughed a little bit and she said, ‘Robyn, the only thing they do is blame you for things. You’re just their scapegoat; you’re the brown family scapegoat,” Robyn continues in this recording.

In contrast, Meri, meanwhile, wants a fair reply for her besieged friend.

“Hey, you’re at least part of the Brown Family!” she tells Robyn.

Meri and Robyn Brown

In a confessional, Meri elaborates on this point:

“No, I do not feel like I’m part of the Brown family. It’s this strange thing. Am I a sister when I do not have a husband? And technically I have a husband, but do I have one?

“That is strange.”

We would say it is closer sad, but both adjectives fit.

Meri Brown Sister Wives Picture

Given the ruined status of Meri’s marriage to Kody, Robyn does not have many comforting words to say in return.

“She mourns the relationship she had, the lost relationship, the marriage she lost, and I understand that. I validate it,” Robyn says in the air.

“It’s sad, but I do not know if it will ever be what it was, but it could be something new.”

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