Sakura becomes a powerful samurai warrior in epic new fanart

In Naruto, Sakura is an incredibly strong fighter who can dominate the battlefield, and a new piece of fanart imagines her as a samurai warlord.

In the world of Naruto, few can match the power, intelligence and heart of Sakura Haruno. As the only Kunoichi on team 7, Sakura does not hesitate to show his raw strength when it comes to protecting his friends or loved ones. Despite this, however, Sakura has never been more powerful than she is in a new piece of fan art depicting her as a samurai warlord.

Although Sakura does not get the spotlight as often as Naruto or Sasuke, she is still a strong and important character. After training during the fifth Hokage, Tsunade, Sakura has remarkable control over his chakra. This typically manifests itself either through healing or by improving her physical properties. There’s a reason Naruto himself claims that Sakura’s chakra control can give her “monstrous strength.” With this monstrous strength, Sakura is capable of remarkable achievements, such as resisting powerful attacks and slashing into almost imperishable enemies. Few ninjas can hurt the ninja’s ancestor, Kaguya Otsutsuki, but Sakura did so with only a mighty blow. It is these abilities combined with her fierce loyalty and fiery temperament that make her such a fan-favorite ninja, and such a popular subject for fanart.


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In a new piece of fanart Twitter user @inubrush, Sakura becomes a powerful samurai warlord. From the cherry-flower-themed Kabuto, to the mini-shuriken earrings to the royal almost immovable expression, this variant of Sakura is undoubtedly ready to lead troops into battle and leave a trail of defeated enemies behind. It all fits perfectly with Sakura’s character and is an interesting insight into an alternative universe where warriors from Naruto is samurai instead of ninja. Fans of the series certainly agree, too, as the post accumulated more than four thousand likes and over a thousand retweets.

Part of the appeal of fanart is the ability to focus on characters who may not be as prominent in the source material. While Sakura is arguably the series’ most important female ninja, many fans felt that more could have been done with her in Naruto and especially in Boruto where she mostly stays away from the action unlike her other Team 7 members Naruto and Sasuke. Yet it is a testament to Sakura’s strong character and even stronger abilities that she has developed such a passionate fanbase.

It takes something very special to develop fans that Sakura has. The amount of effort and work that goes into creating impressive fan art as Inubrush’s message Sakura goes just to prove how much the world and characters of Naruto means for its fans.

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Source: Inubrush

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