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#SaySorryOprah trends on Twitter to get an apology from Lady O

Meghan. She’s one of the most famous women in the world (oops! Sorry, M!), And yet Lady O feels that a person’s “truth” is better than the truth. As the entire planet knows now, the chat with the Sussexes was a total train wreck. What’s worse for Mrs. Winfrey is that the thesis was nominated for an Emmy but did not win. She’s also better at staying away from social media so far because there’s a campaign titled #saysorryoprah to come to apologize for not checking her facts.

Is #saysorryoprah worth the time and effort? Absolutely! Oprah is supposed to be one of the world’s best female journalists / interviewers. But her credibility has taken a dive since the Sussex bitch party aired in March. We talked at the time about the thoughts we had about the shit the couple spewed out. Not to mention, we said Harry and Meghan do not regret joking with the royals. There is a whole roof dedicated to it.

At any rate, the setback from the Oprah interview has gotten so bad that Oprah not only justified the # saysorryoprah hashtag, but she ordered that “tell-all” be pulled completely from the internet. You can not even find it on YouTube we have heard from those who have been looking for it. It gets more interesting when Oprah, not long after the interview aired, virtually scrubbed the mention of Sussexes from her social media. However, we got a tweet about a promo that the former talk show queen still had on her Twitter feed. Here is a screenshot:

We have chosen not to identify the person who sent the tweet because we do not want the Sussex Squad to go after them.

Interviewing real celebrities does not help, Oprah

Since the Sussex interview exploded in the worst possible way, Oprah has spoken to Elliot Page and Adele. Just because you talk to these big stars does not mean that people forget the SECOND interview. It’s no secret that she did not check what they said. What’s more is that the Sussex used her to advance their agenda of sacrifice.

According to what was said during the interview, Oprah wanted to interview the Sussexs before or after the wedding. They could not, however, because they were constantly monitored by helpers. In the end, this explains why Lady O got an invitation to the wedding. It was one of those “if you scratch me on the back, I scratch yours” types.

#SigUndskyldOprah! It’s not that hard

Since much of what the Sussexes said turned out to be lie after lie, Oprah has been silent about it all. It’s not hard to #SaySorryOprah. Make a statement and admit that you have messed up. It’s not hard to do. But because she has billions of dollars, she will not say anything. She thinks she is above criticism. Hmm. It reminds us of a certain woman who accused the royals of racism, claimed she did not care about titles, but insisted that her children had them, etc. We could go on.

The truth of the matter is never going to be an apology from Oprah. Remember, this is the same woman who did a lot of coming to Australia as if the country had just been discovered.

Sorry, not sorry, Oprah. Even rich people can not escape criticism. Silence also does not erase what is in the open air. You may have tried to delete the interview from the world wide web, but people still know about it. Millions of people saw it.

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