Scheana Shay responds to Brock Davies Ring Payment Drama

Pump Rules' Scheana Shay fires back at fan after Brock is accused of stiffening child support for buying engagement ring, addresses wedding rumors and why she's wearing a band.Scheana Shay fighting back against the ongoing rumors surrounding the engagement ring’s fiancé Brock Davies bought for her.

Months after Brock’s July proposal, the long time Water pump rules the star took to her social media pages, where she addressed allegations that Brock prioritized the ring over the care of her two children in Australia, slammed reports on how he paid for the ring, and explained why she has a bond on with its morganite stone.

After a blower on Twitter on January 6, Scheana told that “the money spent on that ring should go to his first family and children,” Scheana confirmed that Brock is still paying child support.

“He pays his child support. He also has bills. He also has a life. Money is distributed to them all. His bills do not affect you, ”she tweeted.

Water pump rules Scheana Shay denies that Brock Davies used child support money to buy a ring

Another person said she “would love to know” if Tom Sandoval “had to put money down for him because his math did not reach 25k!”

“No, he did not,” Scheana replied, together with a woman who palms her face.

So, when another person said it was “an honest question,” Scheana insisted she had an “honest answer.”

“And he did not have to pay that much either. Kyle joined in, “she said explained.

Water pump rules Scheana Shay confirms that Brock Davies did not put any money on the engagement ring

As Scheana continued to be inundated with questions and comments about the ring and its price, Scheana confirmed her jeweler, Kyle Chan, did not lie about the price and noticed that the stone was actually worth more than they first thought.

“Kyle did not lie. The ring is actually worth more than we also found out. They like to hear how much things cost on the show. Whether that’s what we pay or not is a different story,” he explained. Scheana adds that Brock was “charged to his credit card.”

Water pump rules Brock Davies got a deal on Scheana Shay's engagement ring

Meanwhile, on her Instagram story, Scheana showed off her “rainbow nails” and “beautiful morganite stones,” while also shooting down rumors of a potentially secretive wedding that many believed happened because she wore what she saw. out to be a wedding band.

“For those who wondered about my band, I had [Kyle Chan Design] make me a simple diamond ribbon that I can wear every day [because] my ring is a little big to wear on 24/7, but I always want a representation of our love on my finger, ”she explained. “It also helps keep the engagement ring in place [because] I have little fingers. When we get married, I’ll add another band on top! “

Water Pump Rules Scheana Shay Explains Wedding Band

Also on Twitter, Scheana clapped back to someone who shared a screenshot of another morganite ring, which cost $ 13,599.20, and suggested Brock be “skinned.”

“This is not like mine,” Scheana replied. “Mine is a rare pink stone. Besides, he did not actually PAY $ 25k. He got a very good deal. What the ring is worth and what he paid is very different and I have the papers to prove it.”

Water Pump Rules Scheana Shay denies Brock Davies paid 25k for ring

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